I've rewatched Attack on Titan (all seasons)

| I think it was perfect except for whinning sometimes and the end of s2, it was a bit cringey

| What do you think?

| go on and read the manga,really fantastic.

| I like it overall. I like the characters, the lore intrigues me, the worldbuilding is great. The pacing of Season 1 and Season 2 is pretty bad imo, but Season 3 Part 1 is absolutely 10/10. Haven't finished Part 2 yet.

... Are we really calling it Season 3 Part 2? Why the hell isn't it just Season 4?

| >>655422 Because it's a part of the story arc

| >>655414 I don't think I'm gonna read the manga, because I can simply wait a few months for the final season

| I dropped it after like season 2? In which it just gets to predictable who'll die (mostly if soldiers are not from the same year as eren, they'll die in one or two episodes. It didn't help that sometimes they make the death scene so comical, like the guy who ride a horse, bumped into another guy and then straight into titan's hand.

There's also mikasa that's keep devolving into yandere tier and eren bullshit scream power. Yeah, that's just too much shounen tropes for me.

| >>655473 You should probably start season 3. It's much better

| I think everyone feels the same, I enjoyed s1, s2 was underwhelming considering the wait and it made me feel pretty meh about the series, but after rewatching everything and then watching 3 I feel in love with the series again. S3 is really good and we finally learn about everything, looking forward to that final season.

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