Lighthearted series?

| COVID-19 has me down in the dumps, and I need a good pick-me-up. Anyone have any recommendations for some fun, feel-good, lighthearted series'?

| Azumangah Daioh
Sketchbook Full Color

| Wakako-zake
Ichigo Mashimaro
Lucky Star

| Yuru Camp
A place further than the universe

| Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

| Is the order a rabbit?
Hayate no gotoku
Gabriel dropout
Kaguya-sama: love is war
Itadaki Seieki

| Kotura San is a good supernatural/comedy structured kinda like a classic slice of life.

Ben-To is an amazingly funny and under known comedy with really great animation sequences and a surprisingly okay dub too.

| Kobayashi's dragon maid is sooooo good

| I've seen a lot of the ones already recommended, but there are still plenty I haven't, thanks for the shows g/u/rls!

| >>655291 also Itadaki! Seiki recommendation lmao

| Yuyushiki
Yuru yuri
Usagi Drop
Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
Non Non Biyori
Flying Witch
Amaama to Inazuma
Hidamari Sketch
Yama no Susume
Tamako Market
Kiniro Mosaic

| >>655372 Well you did ask for a feel-good anime

| >>655399 you're right

| >>654914
A place further than the universe made me super fucking emotional though. Maybe it's because I have that dream too, and I started studying medicine also with the idea of volunteering for an antarctic expedition in the future, but goddammit it hit hard

| The rolling girls
Little witch academia

| >>655609 I actually watched The Rolling Girls with a buddy pretty recently. It was dope, up until the last arc. They fumbled the bag on it so hard lmao

| >>655626 true, they really did, i forgot that. I think it's still worth watching though, at least the first two thirds... kind of felt like they decided to cut the show length after that and cram like 3 times too much plot into the last 4 episodes

| >>655705 Yeah, the first two thirds are pretty solid. The soundtrack is also pretty fucking legendary too

| Lucky star

| Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka

| Patlabor on TV never fails to cheer me up.

| K-on! Is great if you live Moe and warm fuzzy feelings, or if you like band/club activities!

| Sora no Woto
Girls' Last Tour

Both of them are military-themed "SoL" set in a somewhat post-apocalyptic era.
You should check out both of them.

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