Anyone else fell for Katarina Claes?

| I decided to start watching Hamefura without any expectations of a good show and I'm blown away. Katarina has completely stole my heart. I've read all five translated novels in a day. I track the show tag in amiami so I don't miss any cool merchan. I did not expect such a wholesome experience but everytime she makes someone happy it just warms my heart. At this point I can't tell if the show is good or I'm just weird.

TLDR:I'm in love with Katarina Claes.

| *sigh* she's gotten another one.

| For real though, great character, great show. Alot more good fealy than I expected, thoroughly enjoying it.

| >>655140 Her harem just keeps growing

| In words of Einstein himself: There's three infinite things in this world, the universe, Katarina's stupidity and Katarina's harem, and I'm not sure about the universe.

| It's pretty enjoyable but it sometimes Bakarina's bakacity rings a little *too* on the stupid side. I guess its a bit like the happy isekai harem version of OPM. Where Saitama fucks people up with one punch, Bakarina fucks people up with one int. Keith Claes is my favorite suitor out of all of them because I wish I could make such a positive difference on a younger sib but I don't have an OTP

| It also reminds me of the webtoon Who Made Me a Princess where someone also gets isekai'd into a piece of girly fantasy media as someone doomed in canon and tries to avoid it. She charms her scary ass father and many fun father-daughter moments happen in the first half.

| Still waiting on the manga to be finished..

| >>655534
You can read the web novel it's based on in the meantime. It's what I did, and imagine my surprise when a few years later it's getting the full anime manga light novel treatment.

| The change in attitude is a bit farfetched, especially in the comics

| >>655809 I can believe how the various characters would quickly like Catarina because she’s a genuinely friendly person with a few fun quirks. Most of them know her from childhood onwards (Geordo, Alan, Keith, Nicol, Sophia, Mary) so there’s a history being built.

I do wish that the 1st episode didn’t gloss over the Claes parents fighting due to Mrs Claes thinking Keith is Mr Claes’s bastard though.

| >>656426
Yeah, I missed something like that as well. I think her interactions with side characters not in the harem are really important and is sad that they don't show any. Those make you realize that she isn't just a pretty, funny girl, she is someone who makes everyone lives better just by existing. I hope we at least get Anne story...

| Was planning to watch that today be cause of this post totally forgot gotta fix that tomorrow

| Done, good stuff, would recommend

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