I'm a isekai protagonist ama

| I got stuck in another world, and became a hero, finally found someone who could connect my phone back to my home world, so ask me anythintg you want, like the world I'm in, myself, etc

| What kinda truck sends you there?

| >>652745 that sounds like a funny way to travel, I didn't have a truck to travel, I was chilling in my room watching sum steins;gate and then got sucked into a portal

| Do you have interspecies reviewers there?

| >>652801 you mean people who review brothels? Yes we have that here, peostitution is legal in most countries here, there are some interesting species here, there are the "normal" ones like elfs, goblins, etc but there are some that I've never heard about like living stars known as fire novas and mind reading fish people the freelats

| How big is your harem?

| >>652992 just two girls I live with, 1 human and 1 celestial harpy, I also live with a girl from a chameleon like species named chromogex, but she is her own thing, there is also a golem who does the chores and they are all really nice people to be with

| Well there is also a ninja girl who I get together from time to time but its complicated

| Fuck
Just fuck somebody
I give you the individual permission to do it

| >>652995 How do they get along? Does one of them feel envy? Did you have a threesome?

| >>653003 we all have been living together for almost a year so no one is bothered by any thing, chemestry was build through time and poligamy is ok, and I never felt confortable doing it with more than one person around, with Ari( the harpy) always wanting for more people to live with us so she can make her harem, I feel like she is the harem master here, not me

| >>653009 What is your superpower?

| >>653056 well, there is super speed, I can produce fire and electricity from may hands, atomic bursts from my cape and some anciente weapons and armor that absorb my creative power and allow me to change my stats when I want, though its harder than it sounds, I have to keep thinking about random stuff while fighting, so it gets messy when I'm very inspired and get too strong or when I'm not inspiered and get too weak, because of that I'm the 7th strongest hero of this planet

| >>652605 And how strong is the demon king/queen? More importantly, any hot demons?

| >>653171 demons here aren't evil at all, they more like chaotic neutral, and there is no demon king but there is a zombie king, back to demons, there are a lot of variations and the looks can go from montrosity to absolutely beautiful, they also can change their aperance so I guess all demons are hot, cute, pretty and ugly at the same time

| >>653171 as for how strong is the zombie king? Idk, never fought him, I was too busy fighting an ancient cosmic evil that they call calamity, it could spread and corrupt really fast, it devoured the continent in a second and turned all creatures( including demons) in dark corrupt versions of themselves, After breaking it's core(wich was a pain and I died, but I was revived by the number one hero) it lost sentience and all I had to do was uncorrupt the world

| Btw I still find some corupted monsters from time to time and its kinda my duty to deal with them, because of that, a guy somehow managed to symbioticaly fuse his body with calamity and he has sum crazy fusion and absorption powers and impresivly he is OK both physicaly and mentaly

| What's your rival like?

| >>653414 I don't really have a rival, I'm not a shounen protagonist, also I hate unesecsary conflict, the closest thing I have a my sparing budies, we train thogether every 5 days

| >>653445
Well, since isekai usually is shonen I assumed you had one. Apologies. How big is your cock, and does it have magical properties?

| >>653535 it is [redacted]cm and no magical properties, unless you consider the skill sets of the user

| >>653535 yeah sorry about that, a certain bird like monster took my phone, buy why are you asking about my dick size anyway?

| What if you went to another isekai? Isekaiception?

| >>653640 probably, I dunno, there are sum people here who are from other worlds, and apparently its not another world but another planet, I just got transported a few galaxies from earth, so its wierd, I sometimes question if the humans here are humans, and some earth animals don't exist here such as horses though there are centaurs, according to studies centaus evolved from horses after a mutation so yeah, things here are wierd, and magig plays a super important role in evolution


| Is not true that Aqua is dumb?

| >>654272 idk, why would you ask that here?

| >>654272 I'm not OP, but Aqua is dumb and that's a fact

| >>654416 as OP , yeah can agree


| Is there any cool monsters there?

| >>654754 yup, there are many cool "monsters", most are just animals and their power comes from their biology but some are creatures are made of magic and dont need especiized organs to use cool abilities, these are what people here call monsters, a cool one a wyvern thay secrets a goop that crystalizes after a while, I've also heard about a giant moth tha shoots lazers and controls electricity

| And I fhought a dragon that eats stars and is a living nuclear reactor that can shoot plasma and radiation from all over it's body

| Have you filled out the survey form yet?

| >>655113 what survey is that?

| >>655173 isekai survey

| >>655337 no, but if I could, I'd praise whoever sent me here

| Do the mario!

| Do you have futanaris in there?

| >>656369 yes! and traps too, some species dont even sexual dimorphism, so if you find them atractive there is 50% chance they are the same sex as you

| How advanced is the technology in there?

| Depends on the place, but magics helps a lote a medieval country is just as advanced as earth, a modern country is like a si-fi movie city, there and space travel is kinda normal, even the less advanced communities know about space, heaven and hell, and I can find aliens from time to time though most species here are alien for me since I'm from earth

| Intergalactic travel is hard and inter dimentional travel is almost impossible, wiwch means the planet I'm in is the same universe as earth, thats why I found a guy who could transport phone waves from earth to here, though it was hard and signal isnt the best

| So you can come back anytime?

| Ya thats a good one

| >>657541 yes but I don't really feel like it, here I have friends, a job and a "family", back on earth I was empty and lonely, had few friends, and went through some traumas

| >>658161
What's the currency there though? Because you could definitely find a way to transport goods or similar from there to here, sell it, then bounce back.

| >>658162 ha no, a bunch of stuff here runs on magic and guess what, there is no magic on earth, when I irrived into this world all creature were stronger than me and I almost died many times I was luck I found some humand that gave me a mana implant, most tech from here needs magico to exist, since mana helps some molecules to bind in ways that normal science can only dream of

| There are many currencies here but there is a universal one, when true monsters(creature composed of more magic than phisical matter) or an individual with too much power dies they leave clumps of energy, these clumps have no pratical use so we use then as universal currency, they, they are aquired through killing monster so their inflation minimal since you have to work to get them( either kill monsters or sell something to a monster hunter), and killing monsters is a huge busines

| And prices are fluid in most countries

| Hmm. Are there people who farm that? Like, shouldn't it technically be possible to create a farm of those types of monsters and kill them off for money? Obviously it would require a lot of skill, effort and resources, but still. That sounds like a currency that can be easily exploited.

| >>658192 you would be surprised by how hard it is to farm true monsters, most of them are either super powerfull(more magic on the body) or are generaly rare and are super smart( so they have rights in most societies), they also cant be breed cuz its rare and requires a lot of luck, newborn true monsters dont leave energy cuz they are weak

| So you have to be strong to exploit the money, but if you are that strong, why break the law when there is a bunch of high paying jobs that would give you more profit

| It takes at least 5 above average people to fight 1 naturaly raised true monsters and captive true monsters dont get strong enough to leave energy after death

| You gotta be the level of a hero(me) to be able to constantly find and fight those rare super powerfull creatures, and there is also the surprise factor, true monster is more os a requirement rather then a species so anyone could secretly be a true monster and not even know


| Fair enough.

| Who is the most powerfull entity of your world?

| Besides a hero, do you have any other jobs?

| >>658636 a dragon man named cosmion, his power is be able to allways be stronger than his opponent, the only way to kill him is using a infinite power attack, never fought him but kinda want to

| >>660381 adventurer and also I have a small company that develops new itens and technology, from stuff we have on earth to just random ideas I have, such as, new weapons, magic spells, foods, magic medicine, alloys and even pieces of art

| How bad is the power creep in this world? You say that you're developing new weapons, spells, medicine and stuff like that. How quickly do things in your world become rendered useless because of new technology?

| >>661843 developing something new isnt that hard, I know it sounds like I invented space travel but, most of the new tech I do are your every day conviniens, stuff like these inventions you see in instagram adds, other things I've made are usually just new ways of using a certain material, like using elemental crystal powder on food, nothing super si-fi, those more elaborate ideas I sell sinc I dont have the work force,knologe or money to develop

| Ive made a sword that absorbs hit and a staff that creates walls, I really love making spells since it reminds me of codes and programs, magic circle thechnology is really fascinating

| >>661856
That didn't really answer my question though...

| >>661858 then could you alaborate more?

| >>661865
How bad is the power creep? That's pretty straightforward. Do some of the spells you create make it so that some other spells become rendered useless? Does that sword you said you made make it so that a lot of other swords are useless in comparison? This isn't specific to the stuff you make either, but others in your world too. Is there a blacksmith for example, who sells magic swords or something so cheap that normal swords are just not worth using anymore?

| >>662790 the more complex the spell, the more mana it requires, say you are a doctor and you have 5 people needing healing magic, would you spent your mana using the best spell or just examinate each person and cast minor healing on just the injured parts of their bodies? The latter is more eficient then casting full heal on each person, since the doctor woulde be too tired to work, super spells are only used in emeegencies, and the minor spell market is huge

| If you buy a book from a school your fire magic can be a fire ball but a book from a commoner library is something like a lighter wich is more for every day needs, so for magic the power creep isnt too absurd since the simpler magics are always usefull for everyday chores, to working, to not overkill an enemy, etc

| As for weapons, every one has the right to have at least a single steel weapon, if you want something more fancy or more weapons, you gotta earn or buy it, since there are many skilled blacksmiths as long as you provide the materials, the money and your idea, you can have whatever you want, and even if they can't forge it the have many contacts that will help them into making your super powerfull weapon, so the power creep is high but everyone starts the same

| Oh yeah I forgot, steel weapons are basic, bjt very reliable, it seems mana gives it some small magic properties, so our steel is way different than the earth steel

| I'll just take that as an overly complicated "yes".

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