Rei vs. Asuka: Shit on Everyone Edition

| Afternoon, reifags? How does it feel going about your day with a low-tier waifu lulululul

| Tousaka is better waifu material.

| The best waifu is clearly Ramiel-chan.
She has a really big geofront penetrating drill.

| I like both, honestly. Rei is a lot more interesting story wise, but Asuka is just nice and cute. Both good picks, but Asuka is a little better if we're talking just for waifu purposes.

| >>637789
Actually, yeah, memes aside I kinda agree with this. Rei's personality has always been a detractor on the waifu scale, but I think if you take her out of the eva canon, she'd be a lot (a hell of a lot) more desirable. Consider that the main reason she's stoic is because she's expendable in the show (something she realizes) , but take her out of that environment and her personality has more of a chance to blossom.

| >>637821
Possibly, but also, she wouldn't really be able to exist outside of the Eva universe. She's not really a human, you know? Like, yeah, she is, but she's created, not biologically made, so technically she'd only be able to exist and only have the traits that she does, inside the Eva universe, yeah?

| >>637825
Fair point, let me rephrase what I said. She has the potential to be an uberwaifu. She's cute and has an endearing, albeit withdrawn (hidden?), motherly personality. Hypothetically, if you were to take the Rei in EVA and let her gain more precious memories, she would strengthen her character and be able to express more emotionally (something that is explored more or less in the anime itself). It's that potential that makes me consider her equal to Asuka.

| >>637741 I was going to say Misato, but now that you say it, yeah, maybe being drilled by Ramiel is the better option.

No pointless arguments, no pointless fighting. Too tired of all those pointless things.

| Thinking about Ramiel big strong drill make me sooo wet!

| >>637853 >>637846
>they don't want to be mindpenetrated by Arael
Do You Guys Are Serious?

| please merry with me asukaaaaa

| misato is better still yall dumb

| >>637830
Fair enough, yeah. I think she would be great if she wasn't in that situation, but since that's only hypothetical, I have to go with Asuka.

| I'm about to shake things up here. Please, consider the following /a/. Asuka is not the lovable tsundere everyone portrays her as. Go back and watch Evangelion, and you'll realize that Asuka is not the first tsundere in anime. She's just a bitch. I never understood Asuka lovers. She's an asshole throughout nearly the entire series. No personality is better than soykaf personality, and that's why I'd have to go with my girl Rei. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

| >>637885
This. Misato is wife material.

Also this. Exactly my thoughts after my first time.

| >>637906
She's not though. She's a little mean, but she's also loving. That's at least what I got out of her personality when I watched it.

| >>637906
>I'm about to shake things up here.
>regurgitates a timeless kingpin anti-asuka point
Rewatch EVA yourself and realize that Asuka's abrasive personality is just a mask. She uses her abrasiveness as a coping mechanism, especially when she's hurt by others or afraid of losing them. Asuka isn't an asshole, she's just a troubled girl, and her potential for love and affection should be more than enough to outweigh her stupid tsunshit

| >>637912 she's troubled, yes. And she does use her abrasiveness as a coping mechanism, yes. She has the potential for love, yes! I agree with you. But what if that was my coping mechanism, and I was a bit of an asshole to you? You'd think "wow, I don't want her in my life", not "wow, this g/u/rl is deep and troubled and has some really great potential". How one copes with their past is part of their personality, and Asuka doesn't cope in a healthy manner.

| So although yes! She does have an interesting character and a potential to be great and all that good stuff, the points at which it does gleam through is not enough to mask the fact that throughout the majority of the anime she's just a meanie who doesn't know how to handle her feelings.

| * I'm only talking about the original show here. Not the rebuild. I think that's important to mention.

| >>637917
so at the end of the day it's a choice between unable to handle feelings and unable to express feelings

| unable to fuck you up thats misato
misato gang rise

| >>637987
unable to fuck me more like
misahoe gang die

| >>637885
Misato best woman

25 years and the Rei vs Asuka fight still going on.
We are into the second generation of this.

| >>638046 I feel old now

| Kaworu only amswer

| >>638823
>going for the prettyboi angel
>he doesn't want to get Ramiel'd or even

| Ritsuko is still criminally underrated smh

| >>639318
criminally in the way that anyone who thinks she's top waifu should be locked up

| Misato is a fucking board, guys wtf. She's fucking head over heels for the watermelon fucker but since he won't give her the D she just fucks to work to feel desired and shit only to return home and drown her sorrow in copious amounts of alcohol. The problem is that, just like Asuke, she doesn't really want the D, she wants to be desired and feels like she might get that feeling through sexual attraction. Misato and Asuka are ultimately one and the same, a lost for attention child

| Rei literally has no personality, she is made to follow a directive, she can't be any more than a doll. A doll that YOU project your ideal personality on, except she won't follow it. She's not a fucking waifu bot, she's a manipulator on a construction site. As soon as her purpose is spent, boom, she's gone too.
Ano literally created her to show the thirsty boys how they'd fuck a piece of rotten wood if it had an anime face.

| Conclusion : Eva has no waifus, only people with deep seated issues and they need a fucking psychiatrist, not your limp dick.


| >>640254 Heaven is small and way smaller is your dick.

| I thought this thread was about the specific fetish of Rei and Asuka taking shit on everyone

| >>640348
You naughty boi.

| >>640348
That would be on /d/.

| >>638046
>implying anyone in this fight will ever have children

| fuck you all misato gang forever

| >>640012 so would you rather date shit personality or no personality?

| >>640769 I would rather not date anyone at all. But if we are talking hypotheticals then I guess shit personality. At least it'll be fucking something to interact with and not a glorified sex doll.

| >>640769 so that's like saying, would you rather eat a spoiled cake or a bland cake. I'll just order a pizza tbh.

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