| What Are You Bros Watching While Locked Up?


| Azumangah Daioh

| >>637751
Oh yeah and I'm watching the dub(big whoop you wanna fight about it) because Osakas southern dialect makes me laugh.

| I'll probably watch a bit of Ghibli, and I'm getting through JoJo. I'll probably watch some more Monogatari as well once I've read through the books of it I have. Probably continue watching Somali and some other more chill shows as well.

| Gonna catch up on all the anime movies that have been piling up on my backlog, got so much to watch.

| I've been catching up on some animus since i dropped college for the rest of the year lmao
Old stuff new stuff you name it
Take any recommendations for know stuff and for less known stuff uwu
Stay safe out there g/u/rls! <3

| Ive been recently watching the eva rebuilds, its been alright but gets annoying after the 3rd time rewatching it within like 3 weeks

| I want to watch something, but don't want at the same time.

| >>637752
It's a good dub, like Cowboy Bebop. Ehy fight about it?
Osaka is a treat in the dub.

| Gonna catch up on Sakura Card Captor, Sekai Suifuku, and Chobits.

| watched tales from earthsea (aka the one ghibli movie with mixed ratings) and it felt like it was written by Abe himself. dunno what else to watch honestly.

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You should read the original Tales of Earthsea by ursula guin. Nothing like the movie!

| >>639975 Noticed that on Wikipedia. Honestly seemed like the movie was almost opposite to the books...

| Apologies for hijacking this thread with more excitement for Le Guin but yesss, everyone should ditch the Ghibli movie and read the original Earthsea series, or at least the first book, A Wizard of Earthsea. I wished I read it when I was younger and depressed.

Anime-wise I'm going between Eizouken and The Tatami Galaxy currently. Good and somewhat trippy, both.

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