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| I wanna start learning Japanese for real like hardcore but I don't know how to start!
Any recommendations of books/websites?

| LinguaLift is pretty damn good. Their Japanese course, from what I have tried, is really good. It is subscription based and not cheap, but the month I had it I managed to learn things while not being bored, which is very unusual for me. They have the first lesson or something like that for free, so I recommend trying that out. If you like the teaching style then get the subscription. The only reason I don't do it anymore is because I basically don't have any money.

| I started with learning hiragana and katakana from an app called kanji study, an amazing little app for learning to read Japanese, I just use it for general passive studying.

Then used duolingo to get a little bit of grammar and what not done, it's ok.

| Depends on what you wanna learn. Like if you just want to get to a conversational level or become fluent, etc. I would start with basic phrases and getting a solid list of vocabulary under your belt while learning to read hiragana and katakana at first.

Best free resources is youtube and websites. Maybe like tim tae's guide to Japanese?

Personally I started with Japanese for dummies and 1000 words in japanese which is a book for kids. Best of luck, /g/url!

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