Gay bondage website

| Oh dang it up

| Uh, /d/ or nah?

| I'd say it should be /d/

| Kys

| Shitsureidesu ne

| /d/ is two blocks down this is an empty board

| oh wait is this a shady links spam joke

| Imagine a slice of life anime about a boy who inherits a bathhouse from a dead relative who has halfway finished restoring it. He has to take on boarders to finish renovations while maintaining it himself, as his fond childhood memories prevent him from selling the place. Innuendo-laden hijinks with female boarders lead to romance, and eventually the two marry and finish restoring the place. Invitations to the grand re-opening are nice, but end in 'follow me to the Gay Bath House'

| wait this isnt free viagra

| >>635964 Yes, this was a joke. Good to know someone got it

| actually the joke is funny

| I honestly avoided clicking this thread for like a week because I thought it was spam, got me op

| >>636362 Good to know, have a nice day

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