Old anime is the good anime

| I kinda went on a time travel and bough some old mangas from the 2000's, a very old series that i read back when i was a pre pubescent teen

Name's Midori Days and since monday I finished the whole series and am kinda feeling empyt now...

I have some recent manga to read but kinda want to get some old shit cuz I'm on a mood for that, plus they kinda seem to be very decent imo

What would you guys recommend in the same genre as the one I shared above

Peace to y'all

| I don't have any recommendations. I just want to say I very much respect your use of clickbait to get people into a thread that sounds controversial but really isn't.

| You might want to try Akikan, it's pretty similar.

| Negima?

| >>634034
The title just sounded good to me lmao
Imo old anime has something that the new generations doesn't have. They seem to always strike a perfect balance between humor, seriousness and love interest (if there is one), something i don't see often (I'm not saying there isn't nowadays, chuunibyou is a good example)
I'm not saying is flawless, it's just... different and gets you a refresh sensation after seeing oversaturated anime from today :)

| >>634044
They seem to correspond to what I'm searching for, thanks guys! I'll be sure to watch them and give my opinion about it! uwu

| Ranma 1/2

| You can try out Urusai Yatsura

| Cowboy Bebop

| >>634116
I agree with you. Just, like, yeah. I appreciate that title a lot.

Second this. Ghost in the Shell pretty legit too.

| >>634160 >>634160
Yes these are good anime, but they don't really fit the same genre of Midori Days, lads

| >>634229 maybe because old anime is the same as new anime in the sense that it's still fishing diamonds out of oceans of liquid shit with the only difference being that the older generation had time to marinate in the public opinion for longer?
So yeah, don't expect to find a hidden treasure trove when all of it has been dug up ages ago by the dweebs of the previous pirate age.

| >>634233
I feel like older anime was more mainstreamed on the teli than the newer ones that don't appeal a bigger audience due to the fact they are more "pick your poison" style imo
I'm fine if they are not all like midori days, just I want to feel that old vibe and these series will fit just fine! Who knows, maybe i'll indeed feel the same emotion ^^ I'm not here to make fight about which era it's the best, just weebs enjoying plain old good anime UwU

| >>634451 I thought the wallowing in niches was the good thing about anime, no? Just seems a hell of a lot better than being Blandy McRegular which tries to appeal to prepubescent children, middle-aged office workers, democrats, republicans, your mom and the cosmic horror from beyond only to be forgotten immediately by all the groups because they are diametrically opposed to each other in entertainment and the show stretching its asshole only resulted in embarrassing clinic visits

| >>634451 I mean, we wouldn't have Monogatari, Tatami, the entirety of Trigger and all that crap if the industry tried to be as bloated as western media. I probably sound like a fucking dweeb with a sore itch on his asshole because the mold from his crusty bodypillow started growing a new civilization on it, but I do believe it's the one thing that anime definitely does better than any western animation. Unless you're Pixar, or any other studio that literally no one's heard of...

| >>634451 ...because animation is treated as a jingling keychain to be put before children when they start questioning why mom has a black spot under her eye.

Oh well, maybe one day.

| Well anyways...

Busy rewatching ./hack sign, watched it like xx years ago, and made does it have a atmosphere to it.

| Man *

| Besides watching Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, Ghost in the Shell, and FLCL. Trigun was a good anime too

| There's something about the artstyle from 90s OVAs that I can't get enough of. For me that small time truly was the golden age of anime.

| .hack//legends of twilight was the first manga I really loved and finished, don't know bout the anime for that one specifically but I really liked all the .hacks afterwards

| >>634708 agreed. I just finished watching the "You're Under Arrest!" OVA. Really into it, might even watch the anime. Do you have any OVA recommendations?

| >>634859
I'll check that one out.

I don't really have any recommendations since I think my favorites are probably well known. But Birdy the Mighty, Iria Zeiram the animation, Blue Submarine No.6, Armitage III, Video Girl AI, New Cutie Honey, Dirty Pair and Dirty Pair Flash all come to mind.

| >>634976 Dirty Pair is rad as hell. So is Armitage III. I've seen Video Girl AI around... Doesn't that one have kind of a cult following? I've also seen Cutie Honey around, and ended up putting it on the to watch list.

| >>635149
Video Girl AIs story isn't that great but its art direction is superb. Especially the scene where she comes out of the TV.

When it comes to how it looks it's up there with Birdy the Mighty(the OVA, not the lame sequels). I never get tired of the backgrounds and lighting of that show. Also the scene transition after people comment on his tiny penis makes it hilarious. I genuinely laugh all the way through that next scene.

Iria:Zeiram is just overall badass and beautiful.

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