Big Order is bad

| Both manga and anime are trash, inconsistent garbage fire with a wasted potential

| Dropped after first ep

| It's beyond bad that it is worth watching because it is hilarious. The best way to enjoy it is to read reddit/other forum post making fun of it while you watch. It is a gold mine.

The same goes with Mayoiga.

| But I wish it was better, I loved concept of the story, the characters( exclude the hoshimya family) but the execution was horrible

| it was watch-able

| I like how everyone tries to shit on some anime just for the sake of it. IT WAS WATCHABLE. Don't say it like you didn't watch it all, I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you say it was

| >>634153 OP here, nobody said it was unwatchable, it was just bad, powers weren't consistent, character were conveniently killed off by bullshit when the autor wanted, the whole famly of the protag were a bunch of greedy dumb egotistical bastards and some decisions for plot were just wrong, music, animation and art style were good, but when I watched the anime and I just wished it was more clever then I went to the manga to finish the stor

| Part 2: and it was just sad, I felt deisapointed, I loved the concept of orders, the post appocaliptic vibes and governamental issues but every thing was poorly executed the power scaling, the fights, charater deaths and interactions, even physics some times, and the protag was a peice of trash, I just wished it was more clever with the writing and thats why i think it is bad

| I watched every thing with the expectation id would make sense or get better but cant expect much from the guy who did mirai nikki

| And the manga was a bit better the the anime, at least in the manga the protag doesn't fuck his sister, seriously why did they add that in the anime? Also the manga finishes the story

| I was a fan of Sakae Esuno when Mirai Nikki was still early in it's manga. I liked his other story about allegories too. But for some reason when Big Order came out I just couldn't get into it.

| >>634153
I mean, I didn't watch it though

| >>87dfd0
You are not new to anime and quite critical in your review. By now, you should have been able to see red flags by watching the first episode. I have no idea what you watched, but very rarely anime "gets better" when the first episode is already that shitty.

When I watched Big Order blind, I stopped watching after the upside down girl appears and say that the main guy is so OP that he had to be nerfed.

| >>634349 yeah I should have known better but back then I was quite desperate to watch something soo I kept insisting on the idea of "it will get better or at least make sense" also I dont regret watching it, big order was horrible but it made me create my own story based on the concept of wish power that bends reality but i'm making sure mine will make sense in it's own world

| >>634389 this is why I don't watch currently airing anime. I'd rather play VN or lost in some video game until I am fall behind 1 season or 1 year. And then I can go watch the best shows that has been curated by reviewers/community.

Plus, I don't think the any show will be salvagable after it reveals that the main guy's power is to dominate everything. That is just a broad and OP power, might as well declare that he is god.

| Gsrb*

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