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Actual good reverse harems

| Any recommendations??

| Boku no Pico

| Fruits Basket, even more so with the remake

| I know you mean as in a girl surrounded by boys (?), but now I'm thinking of a reverse harem where the main character is a girl who's a part of someone's harem and there's a gossip/drama/battle royale between the girls.

| Because harem means the protagonist is surrounded by love interest, reverse harem would be the protagonist getting their love interest constantly stolen. So, reverse harem is in fact NTR.

| >>633307 that version of a reverse harem sounds interesting, I wonder if there's any anime like that?

| >>633513
There isn't, but that would be sick. There's definitely a lightnovel or two like that, so I hope whatever that may be gets an adaptions.

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This thread is permanently archived