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A new odd fear of anime.

| About a month ago i started watching children of the whales on netflix. Its not bad i really enjoyed it but somthing that has made me just not watch anime hallened. When i went to bed i would sleep for 3 to 5 minutes dreaming about short clips from the show at random or ones that werent even there and than wake up unable to move. This happened all night my body would bend and twist and sometimes i think i would dream when im awake. If this has happened to you please give me insight

| I remember watching a let's play of steins gate and thinking it was kinda scary ( I'm a puss) and later on I had a nightmare about time traveling back in time before earth fully formed and so I was stuck there with no oxygen and I remember just kinda twitching in my sleep. I still have dreams about steins gate lol

Is it something like that happening to you?

| >>633070 no not like a nightmare more like id fall asleep have a small dream about it and than wake up unable to move but it would still feal as if i was dreaming. This happened all night untill 9 in which i was able to fully wake up and get out of bed. Ive never heard anything like this happen before it sure isnt like sleep paralysis.

| >>633085 how long have you been experiencing this? Just since watching this new anime? If I'm understanding you correctly then you're lucid but unable to move until 9am? You might want to go to a doctor and have a sleep study done. Even sleep paralysis doesn't last that long.

Yeah, I think it's something you probably gotta check with a doctor.

| Yeah that's weird. Does this not happen when you watch anything else?

Def don't watch anime before bed then. Try to distract yourself with something else before going to sleep. Go to the doctor if it's bad/common enough.

| >>c0764b its been off and on happining at random and i might just have to go see a doctor. Ive been getting very little sleep and im starting to feal the effects of that. I guess it could be lucid dreaming i used to do it alote but never like this. Could be a combo of sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming.

| >>d1f014 well this problem started when watching this anime and i havent watched any anime since however its still happining off and on. Not getting enough sleep and its taking its tol on me. But its gotten so bad its starting to happen with random tv shows or even youtube videos. I had it haplen once when i was going to sleep with music and i had a dream about a song i was listening to about the music video because i knew it well.

| Yeah, you gotta go to the doctor. It might be something serious but I wishing you all the best OP

| >>633506 thank you for the support.

| >>633522 No problem, /g/url! If you want to, later on, update us to let us know you're doing alright!

| >>633574 i will once somthing is done. Again thank you all for the support and help.

| >>633670
Good luck homie! If it's something serious don't hesitate about therapy. Shit helps a lot. Hopefully it ain't serious though.

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