adult precure fans

| aren't they like bronies of the anime community

| I'm a precure fan but I've never watched the show, if you're picking up what I'm throwing down :lenny:

| Mahou shoujo are made for ppl who like culture like >>633033 and me, I love precure but never watch the show once either. :lenny:

| Is the whole " I love precure but never watched it" some sort of code??? Because how are you a fan then?





| >>633501 he uh, means he watches a lot of _alternative material_

| >>633501 it's a "non-canon creative fan reinterpretation of constructively benefiting community art", you uncultured swine.

| >>633501
Precure porn hot


| Oh so basically I like doujins of this show but the original source material is shit

I kinda can understand

| >>633570 ya. just like fate grand order.

| >>633579 harsh words...

| >>633580 it's true and you know it.

| Same here
Ive tried once to watch heartcatch purikyua and i fell asleep because of boredom
The porn is hot tho

| Same with like all gacha games, can't stand to play them but they have some solid doujins

| I didn't know about this show, but now after searching it up I want to read doujins of it.

| Recommend some precure doujins pls

| nice try officer

| Oh, I still have my id, so I can use this opportunity to state that I'm disappointed with all of you

| >>634483

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