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Shonen vs Shoujo

| Which is best?

| One is about an emotionally loaded adventure of friends, focusing on the heroes' personal failures and downsides as they try to overcome them in a relatable coming of age story, while the other is for girls and is gay

| My love story was a very nice shoujo anime

| Both can be really good. Both can be really bad.

| That's like comparing chocolate milk to lemonade.

| i only talk shounen crap with friends.
i secretly crave shoujo anime

| I prefer Seinen

| Shounen is really dumb from a shoujo perspective and shoujo is really dumb from a shounen perspective.

Fortunately, human beings are capable of looking from multiple perspective!

| #616066 I think the best is semen.

| >>615959 This. Also Rakugo Shinjuu is good, though I suppose it's josei, but no matter. Simmilar target audience.

| Josei for the win

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This thread is permanently archived