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Has anyone read any of these?

| Gantz
I Am A Hero
Peepo Choo
Master Keaton

Tell me what you think of these?
I also reccomend people read these manga as they're very rewarding reads.



| I see.

| I'm watching Planetes, but not reading it. I like it quite a fair deal. I guess it's a bit slow sometimes. I like it tho. Plan on watching it again when I get home.

Also planned to see gantz. I wanna read blame! too

| Watching and reading Gantz are two completely different experiences. It diverges from the manga around episode 21 and drags scenes on for too long like Dragonball Z did. But there's still some enjoyment to be had watching the Gantz anime. It's always cool to see characters from comics/manga being animated, you know? Highly recommend Gantz as a read since it's my favorite manga of all time.

| >>615949
Planetes is awesome in both mediums. I own the manga series since it's just two omnibuses (I think) and the story is almost the same as the anime, definitely just as fun (and emotional.)

As far as Blame! goes, I like Nihei as an author in general so it seems sick to read. I've read a one-shot called Noise from him and that was something else!

| GANTZ-E? I think I'm part of the scanlation group who just picked that up. I work on other manga though.

| Wow that's fresh off the press. I haven't even bothered to go back and finish Gantz G and there's a new work from Hiroya-san?

| Ah, I wasn't aware there was more than one work, >>616064. I have not gotten into GANTZ (if that's not already obvious). But if you enjoyed the previous work, then I'd recommend checking out GANTZ-E. I believe we'll be releasing either a chapter a week, or one every two weeks, so staying up to date shouldn't be too difficult. Maybe I should check out the original.

| I love hate gantz, watched and read it all, anime was so bad but still pretty good, Manga was great but got somewhat stale at the end.

All in all, gantz is definitely a heck of an experience

| I read gantz at least once a year it's just too good. They sure don't make em like they did back in the day. I recommend reading psyren and air gear too which along with gantz are my top three.

| Blame! has excellent art, worldbuilding, and design. The plot is rather flat and repetitive, but it's worth reading just for the aesthetics.

| That's honestly most of Nihei's work. Hey may not be the best writer but it's beautiful to see his artwork.

| I've read the first 6 volumes of I Am A Hero. I love it, and want to get my hands on the next volumes soon. I really love the art, the story telling and just the extreme level of surrealism.

| >>616325

I have 4 omnibus of I Am A Hero but I bought them after I finished reading the whole thing!

So you're at the mall part? I'm glad to say the story actually doesn't dull out after that arc and only gets more wild as the ride ends. Have fun with the rest of that!

| >>616334
No mall, no. I have read 2 omnibus, which should be 6 volumes. Anyway, I haven't gotten to any mall. Right now they're in a city right after escaping from the forest where they met.

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