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I can't watch anime or read manga

| I'm mostly only into dojin works 'n shit. The only animes I've watched fully were Watamote and AIR. That's just all folks. Suggest me something to do about myself, as I can't bring myself to watch anything for a long go. I've tried Sailor Moon (the original one), Dragon Maid and that's only two honorable mentions. Other animes I've tried made me fell asleep. No joke. I can't watch anime without getting sleepy at every moment. What's wrong with me? I can watch TV shows no problem.

| Maybe give FLCL a go? It's short and never has a dull moment so it might be more to your liking. I'm talking about the first season. The sequels aren't as good.

Also the Watamote manga is pretty fun and doesn't get too boring because it changes tone every now and then so it doesn't get stale.

| Well, you told us shows you've watched, but you didn't say what you think/like/dislike about them. I can't determine if you like moe, comedy, ecchi, or shoujo stuff based on those 4 titles you mentioned

| i also got my attention span fucked over and can barely watch a single episode of any anime anymore. I suggest watching top tier 12 episode animes that will eventually revive your interest. ex: madoka magica, one punch man, no game no life.

| > What's wrong with me? I can watch TV shows no problem.
watch dub or something maybe reading subtitles bored you

| I have a similar problem. Reading books helped me a bit with my attention span.

> watch dub and get pissed every living moment at voice actors
Nop nop nooope

| Try watching some short OVAs. I just finished Yokohama Kaidashi KikĊ, and enjoyed it, but if attention span is your problem, that may not be up your alley. I remember reading a review for Gunsmith Cats on here a while ago, but I haven't watched it yet. Other than those two, I don't know of any good OVA's, sorry.

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This thread is permanently archived