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Hate to say it, but in my opinion

| Serial experiments lain sucks
Seriously what’s so great about it apart from its aesthetic? I dont think its philosophy and stuff is so great and its also a huge fucking mindfuck. Yet its regarded as a cult classic and a masterpiece that’s ahead of its time. Maybe im dumb butin my opinion lain is overrated. Try tellin me what’s so great about it.

| It was kinda ahead of its time in portrayal of the internet and its impact on society. Also, being a mindfuck can be a positive thing, some people just like untangling the plot bit by bit.

| See Voices of Distant Star, in which Makoto Shinkai predicted that we will be buying newspapers with moving pictures in the future. Or how everyone still use smartphone and twitter in Space Danddy, eventough people hopping planets to planets like it is daily commute. Or every mecha anime in which we should be fighting wars using giant robots.

Lain nails the prediction of how internet society works and that alone deserve the praise.

| >>614039 Not really a big thing for such praise

| If you dont like it thats fine.i think its a masterpiece and one of the best works ever produced,not only in anime.

| just having any philosophy makes it better than 75% of the other anime I've seen, whether or not it's a good message.

| >>614050 Sounds like a shit taste, but okay. I don't judge

| >>eb6b37 are you brain damaged op

| >>614120 I'm not op

| Lain was like a fever dream to me. I swear I saw it, the entire thing. But I don't remember what was going on. Maybe I was skipping a bit. That had to be it, otherwise my memory about it wouldn't be so fuzzy. Or maybe it was just that trippy and vague. If there was philosophy in it I sure missed it, just like how I completely dismissed paranoia agent for being Too Fucking Weird.

| I actually think that it had a lot of interesting ways of storytelling and showing the viewer some deeper understanding of things. Out of these things I personally really loved the sound design that sometimes gives you really unexpected emotions. For example, in one of the scenes of Lain's mother eating they made such a subtle little sound that makes you a bit disgusted and really adds to showing Lain's current feelings about the real life which is uninteresting and annoying.

| I didn't like it as a kid, but I rewatched it and it was refreshing. It's not as Im-14-and-this-is-deep as I usually expect from anime.

| >>614026
I feel the same way to be honest, I never really could understand the show enough to give a opinion on it. It's just one giant mindfuck.

| I love sex.

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| >>614405
I agree. Lain is fucking tight.

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