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Anime in a nutshell guessing

| Give me weird plot summaries of your titles and I'll try to guess the name of it

| Nothing happens.

| >>613571 The end of Evangelion

| >>613572
Lol kill yourself

| >>613573 Narutaru probably

| Lesbian Bears try to illegally migrate behind a border to get laid with an engaged lesbian girl and "accidentally" cause the girl's girlfriend to get eaten by another bear.

| >>613575 Yuri Kuma Arashi

| A tournament arc where walking fetishes duke it out for a matriarch position

| >>613576
You're good at this game.

| Mexican bestial copulation products illegally live in a HSDD man's house while the government is trying to prevent any sexual activity from arising in his fucking household.

| >>613577 This is too blurry, but I'll try to guess. Fairy tail?

| >>613579 Welcome to NHK

| >>613578 100% that thìs is Kakegurui

| >>613582 aside from government conspiracies, your guess is about as far off as it can get

| >>613579 maybe I should make it fairer by removing some bullshit I typed in for the joke: they're not Mexican, as far as I'm concerned even in the manga none are Mexican and they're living legally, although with gimped rights

| >>613588 I don't watch harem anime, the only thing I can guess is Outbreak Company

| >>613598 Or maybe Monster Musume

| >>613599 well shit, ya got it

| A girl loves her dog. A girl is her dog.

| >>613607 Oh no... Fullmetal Alchemist

| >>613600 Kantai Collection, bacause Halogen - U Got That

| I you haven't figured it out - I try to every message except mine

| Try to guess*

| A terorist invested in a stalker app designed by a group of university student.

| >>613637 Easy - Eden of the east

| >>613640 oh wow, you got it right. Alright, this time it is two terrorists stockholm syndroming a bullied girl.

| guy goes on road trip to find himself; bitchy girlfriend stalks him

| >>613577
Queen's Blade?

| Jesus becomes a tree and eats rocks

| >>613647 Zankyou no Terror


| >>613708 Fire Force (I'm watching it rn by the way)

| >>613672 This is a really common trope, but I'll say it is... Mirai Nikki?

| >>613674 I don't know any other anime with Jesus except for "Saint Young Men"

| Dead girl comes back to life as a ghost to remind everybody that she's dead and everyone cries intensely.

| >>613725
I've forgot the name but I remember it.

| >>613703 2/2, nice

Ok, next.
1. Doraemon, but lewd
2. Edgy boy effed the worls 10 years ago, now he meme-ed into world domination
3. Girl hit boy, boy explodes into chunks.

| >>613728
3. Elfen Lied

| >>613725 BIGGO SPOILERU Anohana

| >>613728
1) Urusei Yatsura
2) Big Order
3) Elfen Lied

| >>613730 >>613737

1. Wasn't what I had in my mind, but I guess that could work too.
2. Correct, Big Meme is the answer
3. I have never watched elfen lied, so that wasn't what I meant.

More clue for no 3: random jokes, the main guy is probably a lolicon

| 4. Sadboi meets sadgurl.
School life, clubs activities, etc. You get a sad flashback, you get a sad flashback, and you get a sad flashback!
And then suddenly there's magic/miracle involved.
(The answer can be more than one anime from that writer/author)

5. 2 kids facing each other, having an (imaginary) hologram fight, and somehow there's crowd watching

6. Alien catgurl learning to be a princess while bullying bunnygurl

| >>613752 Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

| >>613760
4)I guess you're talking about Nagaru Tanigawa, but all his works are like more than 20 books of "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and "Amnesia Labyrinth"
5)Pretty sure that can only be Chuunibyou demo Goi ka Shita, but I also remember fight from Baki, I'm 100% sure were not talking about that, but he is a kid and had an imaginary fight before
6)Cat Planet Cuties or Rokka no Yuusha. I'm really not sure what it is really. There are so many animes with catgirls and bunnygirls

| >>613714
Ergo Proxy

| >>613716
Book of Bantorra

| >>613816 Haven't even heard of it

| >>613781 no 3 is Dokuro, you got it right.

4. Jun Maeda's stuff like clannad & little buster. I haven't read anything from the haruhi author, other than watching the anime.
5. Hm... I don't think chuunibyou has crowds watching the fight. Maybe it's to obscure, I was talking about Beyblade
6. More clues: Mekara beeeeeeam (Eye beam)

7. Detective Conan (Case Closed) + Life Is Strage = ???
8. Bunch of strangers, "field trip", murder mystery (lie)
9. Nipples are pink

| Girl talk to her very erotic clothes for 24 episodes

| Talks*

| No matter where you go, everyone's connected.

| >>613867 Kill la Kill

| >>613857
4) I wanted to say Clannad, but I didn't know it had magic in it.
6) Okay masta... that's Neptunia.
7) Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro.
8) Another.
9) No idea. What is even the point of this clue?

| >>613889
4. Alright, maybe not magic,but more of supernatural/mystic stuff (Fuko in clannad & iirc little buster has a timeloop)

6. The correct answer is Digicharat
I don't play/watch neptunia, but then I google it and find out Puchiko (one of the character in Digicharat) is in Neptunia as Broccoli, close enough.

7. I was aining for Erased, no idea about anime that you mentioned.

8. Nope, those strangers all are social misfits that wants to start a new life

| >>613889
9. But that is exactly the impression of watching this anime "what is the point of this anime". It is so random; almost whackier tham Dokuro. It has transforming magival girls.
More clues: Banana, banana, eggplant! GIANT ASPARAGUS!

| *almost twice whackier than dokuro

| Loli and lolicon play games.

| >>613902 no game no life and no second fucking season

| >>613926
I still have hope. Sadly.

| (I'm >>89e6e9)

| Fuck! >>c15733

| >>613895
8) Baccano!
9) Dead Leaves

| Now I'll give YOU the plot summaries too

| 1) It's a movie about super fast racing, but main protagonist is best at it and has Josuke's hair
2) Anime about a student who sees certain spirits and wants to get rid of it. So he accidentally finds a mysterious shop...
3) Short series (not in the novel) about a girl in apocaliptic world with small elfes who eat candies and can duplicate themselves

| >>614083
1. Redline
3. Forgot the name, but the girl had pink hair and a pumpkin looking dress, right?

| >>614020
8. Nope, it was mayoiga. Kinda suprised that people know big order, but not mayoiga. Both are almost equally bad.

9. Nope, it was puni puni poemy

| japanese man runs after german man after he decides to kill a man named fucking Yonkers

| >>614117 Monster

| >>614085
3) Yes, I liked her style

| A girl gets kidnapped, drugged, and forced to help complete a rock collection. Later, she falls in love with the girl who kidnapped her, who turned out to be her mom's lover originally.

| Edgelord vampire with extremely complex family tree tries to destroy authority while his brother, step-mother and clones of his sister try to fuck him.

| >>614284 This seems really interesting, but I don't know the title yet

| 4 girls struggling to find boyfriends fuck each other up on that task and generally act dumb as heck.

| And another obvious one just for fun.

A guy hopes someone beats him up because he is BORED AS HELL.

| >>614408 *epic scream™* ONE PUUUUUNNNNNCCCHHH!!!!!!!

| >>614360 >>614360 they also become magical girls to fight against the KKK for control of the world, and live in a concrete tube.

| >>614360
Flip Flappers

| okay guess this:
New York is one crazy ass place.

| Edo period but with aliens

| >>614486 you got it! maybe the tube hint was too much.

| >>614497 Gintama

| Depressed kids with parents issue fighting giant monsters

| Bruce Wayne solves crime with a giant robot.

| >>614532 Evangelion.

| Model student goes sicko mode after he gets a magical notebook from the sky

| >>614540 Death Note

| >>614541 Affirmative

| >>614444 Madoka Magica?

| 1)Girls with fucking wings, but they can't even fly
2)eating kids is normal, the smarter the better

| Cannibalism has never been more romantic (ah, fuck, right in the feels)

| Loli orphan calls big forest man "daddy" at first sight.

| >>614782
2) promised neverland

| >>614487
kekkai sensen ?

| >>614793 Pupa?

| I'll try.
>Dude fixes problems with magic cigarettes

| Not a good experience
>nice boat

| >>614960
School days

| 15 year old goes from being in school to being a mafia boss in less than two weeks

| Kid climbs down a hole

| >>614984
JoJo part 5

| High school boy finds out hand can talk to him

| >>614985
Made in Abyss

| >>614998
Parasyte: The Maxim

I love cap-chan.
>two burly dicks

| Nerds find out that politics are important in their isekai game. Oh and NPCs are actually sentient now

| >>614907 no, pupa isn't romantic. Think about the title

| >>2f988d
I see you have good taste, you are correct.
How bout this: Guy styles on everyone and everything, voluntarily or not.

| >>615091 not him, but lemme guess: Sakamoto desu ga

| >>615091 Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto? So good.

| >>614425 ofc. What about thr first one though? Any ideas?

"4 girls struggling to find boyfriends fuck each other up on that task and generally act dumb as heck."

| Easy one
Child gets smacked in the head by guitar and robots come out

| >>615243 Fooly-Pooly-Cooly-Curry

| >>615255

How about this
Abortion, then incest sister in box, then masks, then incense smelling, then dead cat

| Guees this: detective triee to investigate weird casee i town, but instead he becomes a "superhero" with a skull mask. But we don't know the end of the story, because author said "read the manga"

| 1. Gamers get trapped on a game because the game dev is a fucking idiot
2. Buff men power up by screaming really hard
3. Local shut-in girl becomes the god of the internet

| >>615694
Sorry for the double post, my mistake

| >>615695 How do I delete my post?

| >>615694
1. SAO?
3. Serial Experiments Lain

You can't delete posts homie. A modnhas to fix it.

| *mod has

| >>615699
Yes to all three

| An exzmilitary dude who has dual citizenship now travels abroad as an investigator whilst barely holding down a teaching job.

| a trio who actually stop the destruction of the world. A assasain who has a vest that looks like four donuts, a biological weapon so very stereotypically named and your very cliche homeless, broke detective (has special power tho).

Turns out the loli is the destruction of the world. God i hate it when that happens.

| >>616016 whoops i haven't watched it in so long i forgot this chic who is really good at stealing how is also part of the squad

| >>615091
Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto.

| Trigger as a weapon, vitual body, second life...

| >>7e4a87 Correct

Next one: Kids break out of prison then get their life's together

| >>614534
The Big O

| >>616065
what anime is that???

| >>616464
World Trigger

| >>616807 a good one that isn't too long. You should take a look at it. It's a comedy. Not many comedies get me, but this one cracked me up.

| Kids travel to antarctica

| >>616953 i hope someone finds it soon, i wanna watch this

| >>616953 My guess is Devilman

| >>616953
That's literally the show's synopsis on mal, are you kiddin

| >>617119
Not exactly literally, but I found it, so thanks :D

| >>617000
Nah it's literally an anime about 4 girls going on an expedition to Antarctica. Gigguk on YT praised the hell out of it and it seems comfy af w/ feels.

| >>a54a0d was my ID. Can anyone guess mine?

| >>615868 This is mine. Anyways have another one:

People die then have to fight aliens or die again.

| >>9fd41c it was the best show of the year

| >>9fd41c it was the best show of the year

| One woman's anxiety fueled excuses leads to a nationwide search for a roller blades assailant.

| >>73dc51 rainbow

| >>73dc51 rainbow

| -12

ffs if you will...

| -6

| -6

| >>617147 I'm not him but I guess all you need is kill?

| >>619735 it's a manga, the correct answer is Gantz

| >>c800a3
Ding ding ding.

How about this, I recently read Vol. 1 of this one.

A high school kid has visions of another world in his dreams which eventually come to life.

| >>c800a3
Ding ding ding.

How about this, I recently read Vol. 1 of this one.

A high school kid has visions of another world in his dreams which eventually come to life.

| >>615868 Can no one guess this one? It's a manga and an anime. Studio is Madhouse if that helps.

| >>615868 Can no one guess this one? It's a manga and an anime. Studio is Madhouse if that helps.

| sapphic duo challanges the local shcool elite then one of them becomes a car

| >>615868
Is this the MC ?

| 10 bucks nobody guess this (not being arrogant):

Teacher has classes with students that are products of imagination of a very positive girl.

| 10 bucks nobody guess this (not being arrogant):

Teacher has classes with students that are products of imagination of a very positive girl.

| >>620589
That sounds fucking awesome, but I have no idea what it is.

| >>620589 ah fuck, I think Zetsubou Sensei had something like that?

| 17 students, one bear.

| >>89e6e9
goddamnit you guessed it

| >>036b90
heh, not even an anime

| >>620698 It's both an anime and a game tho ;))

| Cute girls doing cute stuff

| >>620937
Lucky Star?

| Wrong. I was thinking of ____________

| >>620945
Well, idk then. "Cute girls doing cute stuff" describes all moe, and the only real moe show I know is Lucky Star.

| >>620945

| >>621035
That would be cute things doing gross and weird shit

| here's one

japanese butch hartman decided to make softcore porn comedy

| >>620469

Yeah that is a description of the MC.

| >>620469

Yeah that is a description of the MC.

| >>621365
then idn

| idk*

| >>620945
oh god the one with the flute
WHATS THE NAME (#`Д´)ノ ???!?

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