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read the promised neverland manga

| and tell me if it's good, i liked the anime but i dunno if i'll like the fact that they just gave the kids guns at some point

| uhh, how else are you gonna fight, with sticks?

| >>612411 don't tread on kids. They deserve rights to guns as much as anyone else.

| >>612439 lmao

| though, you shouldn't see it as kids with guns. i mean it's not like upotte or gunslinger girl or something where the whole point was to give kids guns (it's really weird when i said that but it's true). it's just kids trying to survive with realistic means but I gotta admit kids fighting DEMONS with GUNS is badass as hell

and at least it's not about giving kids guns to kill an unkillable entity in a classroom environment

| >>3e8a2e fuck dude, just reading your post made me hear the op of the anime blare in my head. you fucking sold me.>>9c036b helped too ngl

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This thread is permanently archived