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If you were an isekai protagonist, what kind of powers would you have?

| Depression isn't an answer

| >>061361 i'd be like a black hole of virginity. the main antagonist would the darklord queen femoid, ruler of the genetic lottery.

| Invincibility to everything except proper fucking worldbuilding

| the power to actually take advantage of my harem

| The powers to stop my addictions and bad habits and make myself and the people around me happy. I'd use them to make a nice commu center or some shit and just chill.

| *community

| >>3dca68 but then it wouldn't be an isekai

| Wielding a baguette bread prevents my body / soul / mind to take any sort of damage or alteration. Also super duper retard strength, because why not.
The downside is every time I use this power, I need to sacrifice 1 side character in my harem.
Also I don't have a harem.

| The ability to end all other isekai worlds in the past, present and future. Because almost all isekai anime that I watch is bad, the rare ones that are decent or tolerable would have been better anime if it was not an isekai anime.

| Immortality ( not ageing, also some sort of healing factor so good I wouldn't even feel pain from not breathing for 1000 years plus the thing that usually fucks things up is memory so a brain with unlimited capacity for memories and such along with that would be great.)

| >>612186 I want this too and magic would be great otherwise Im going to be bored as fk. Also I would be like a god after a thousand year of practicing magic. Then I will explore the universe

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This thread is permanently archived