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Anime nowadays is shit.

| Shit's full of generic harem trash made to feed the lonely lazy fuck fat weaboos living in their basement. Prove me wrong.

| I dunno, Anilist is showing me some interesting airing anime like Psycho-Pass 3, Beastars, Vinland Saga. there's more but I suggest you to lurk more, try filtering out ecchi and harem if you can.

| > Hurr the grass was greener durr

| UH, ANIME WAS BETTER BACK IN MY DAYS. Listen here you little shit, go watch JoJo and gain a muscle mass.

| As a medium gets more accessible (anything gets made into anime nowadays) shit will pile up on the industry but that doesn't mean the good ones are turning into shit, OP is just lazy to look them up.

| >>609787

What those two said

| Yea same shit with music, just because you like a band from the 70s doesn't mean the popular music then was better 9/10 it's just as trash only you don't have to hear it constantly and can cherry pick what you like

| >>609966


| >>610178

| Konosuba (one of the only Isekai I watch), Africa Salaryman, Aggretsuko, Gegege no Kitaro 2018 ver, Kengan Ashura (manga is FAR better but anime isn't too bad), Cells at Work, Chainsawman (okay, manga but its that damn good) - theres plenty good or great recent anime, but I agree that the markets saturated with harems and isekai

| Oh, and Goblin Slayer is a super refreshing to see fantasy anime

| > hurr the grass was greener durr

| The peak was in mid to late 90s when studios took risks and made experimental stuff because that's what they thought the public wanted.

Nowadays companies don't take risks and only plays on safe bets which is why we have so many rehashes and generic shows every year. In the last 10 years or so every anime looks and feels the same with perhaps a single exception every year, and those tend to be focused grouped like Dr.Stone

Stuff like SEL and Evangelion could never be made today.

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All these excuses... maybe if you had arguments instead you wouldn't need to lie and mock people for stating theirs.

Truth is harsh, no?

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Shit anime has always existed.
The statement "Anime nowadays is shit" was written precisely to start a debate.
And it did.

I do admit OP never compared anime before and now. OP never said "Anime is shittier now than before".
Maybe hinted at it, but never stated it.

Which means op is the ghey.

| hey im a lonely pathetic loser and even i dont like the anime thats supposedly pandering to me.

| Whens shield hero season 2

| >>610441
Are you for real? "Shit anime has always existed so current anime can't be shittier" is such a broken argument I barely know how to respond.
Obviously OP doesn't like the current state of anime regardless of you cherry picking old shows to try and disprove him, or failing to understand how to read his post.

And it didn't really start a debate. As I said you guys are just lying and mocking him. This isn't how a debate looks like wtf.

| >>610560
He only said that shitty anime always existed. He didn't say that current anime can't be shittier. Don't get butthurt over something he didn't say.
His point is that there's never been a period of only good anime, which is a really simple and easy to understand argument against op.
And yes, even with mockery, this is a debate. Just because you don't agree with others doesn't mean they're lying

Looks like you're the one that doesn't understand how to read the post

| >>610560 let me do what you just did

>Are you for real, "shit anime exists right now so old anime can't be shittier" is such a broken argument that I don't know how to respond

Does that make sense?

we can reasonably assume anime has always had trash, and in most cases people who say things like op, like the "classics" and ignore the trash from the days of yore, the truth is anime has always been trash and everyone should cherry pick what they like

| >"shit anime exists right now so old anime can't be shittier"

No one made that claim though.
The fact that trash anime has always existed in some form doesn't say anything about the overall quality of current shows. This argument is even more broken than your old one.

I only read the opening paragraph of your post since the rest appears to be drivel, but he did say that as a counter-argument and not a statement in itself so my interpretation is entirely valid.

| "X show can't be bad because Y show was already bad 40 years ago" is just ridiculous and stupid.

| >>610649 "no one made that claim" yes that was the point no one made the claim in the post I replied too if you notice

| >>610651 which is why no one is saying that

Chasing windmills

| dumb danger/u/ is dumb

| >>610680 >>610682
Uhm, you did earlier though. Well truth is like most kids you only made half the claim and expect the other person to fill in the details himself and as stated earlier since you used it as a counter-argument the red thread is pretty easy to follow.

But if you only said an off-topic one-liner in response to OP that didn't have anything to do with his statement you're even dumber than before. What are you even trying to accomplish with all your excuses?

| >>610736 I made that claim? Citation please

| >>610736 also you're rather aggressive over people having a discussion about Chinese cartoons and if the grass really is greener

| >>610747
To be fair I just don't like how you started insulting people for simply having a different opinion than you. Especially while showcasing your complete lack of intellect in every single post you made considering you honestly believe you've made proper arguments to disprove OP when all you're doing is ignoring arguments and only post off-topic ones and creepy excuses.

You're literally made for mocking and the fact that you didn't anticipate insults from insults is retarded

| >>610755
You are very nice bait.

| >>610791
Again with the never ending excuses

| >>610755 dude you're literally reeee ing at the scarecrow, calm down and pay attention to the IDs next time

| >>610805 >>946216
Is the same ID all the time though?

| >>610805
I don't know what you mean by scarecrow but every single post of mine are directed at the same ID which is yours, retard. Not that I would expect someone as clueless as you to be able to read properly.

| I would like to argue on how "anime is shit now" has been a staple motion for the last decade or so. But the discussion is so derailed here, it is not worth typing more than this.

| >>610822 you're very upset, please calm down it's just a drawing

Also are you really do daft you don't know what a straw man is?

| >>610832 yeah pretty much

| >>610832
Y know, we can ignore the useless blabbering, and focus on the topic.
I'd like to read what you have to say... that'd be a shame to let a very bold attempt at upsetting me be successful :/

so yea plz skip by the trash posts, and post to your heart's content.

we don't have to let the thread die because of minor derailing.

I personally think that, today, while it's easier to come across 「« "shit anime™" »」 it's also way easier to search and find masterpieces of animation.

| >>610860 I agree!

I personally believe it being easier to find the masterpieces of art no matter the form is actually one reason why we see people say things like "I was born in the wrong generation" in YouTube comments and the like

It's amazing really how right now is the only point in history that you can comb through centuries of art for free at your fingertips, it's incredibly easy to cherry pick what you like and I think that's a good thing!

| I too think anime nowadays is shit! But for different reasons than OP. Fuck you OP. Here's my take. Anime has remained relatively the same idea for years upon years. Sure, there have been many, many stylistic choices and changes thought the years, all leading to pretty noticable changes within the medium (which allows you to tell the difference between a 70s anime and a 90s anime), but they occurred over time. Even with the advent of digital animation, the digital animators were...

| ...always looking to replicate how anime had always looked and felt as it was originally animated on cels. So the medium has stayed relatively similar to it's previous and next iteration each time it's changed, is what I'm trying to say. But now, we're starting to see many many more shows which are 3D animated, and are a huge departure away from what anime has been and looked like forever. That's what's concerning me about modern anime. The departure from what it has been.

| Idk g/u/rls. Maybe I'm just an old whackjob who doesn't like all this newfangled tech and styles. But I'm just not into the 3D stuff. It feels wrong to call it "anime". It feels like a massive step away from what anime has historically been. Perhaps it is for the better, or perhaps it is the next logical step. But I've just got a bad feeling about it. And ofc this doesn't apply to all modern anime. It's just a trend I've been seeing more and more of.

| It is understandable to dislike 3D in anime. It is mostlt bad because it is treated as a cost cutting measure. When the production feels that drawing crowds is too expensive, they use CG. The same goes with armors, animals, cars, and anything with stiff animation because they are the best corners to cut.

Because it is treated as a cost cutting measure, it is reflected in the quality of the CGI, and ended up lowering the quality of the overall product.

| The same goes with whole CGI show like berserk 2016. Because it takes too much effort to match the quality of the original manga, they make it full CGI show. And I'd imagine if lowering cost is the reason to ise CGI, they will not hire the most skilled and experianced artist. Resulting a wild and unecessary camera movement, borderline unwatchable.

| I know no community that prefer anime using CGI rather than hand drawn art. We all know CGI in anime is mostly shit, but it doesn't stop studios from using them. It just says a lot about the industry. (Don't get me started on padding, panning shots, action lines, and other corners that they cut)

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