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Dear Danger/a/,

| In order to combat the lack of threads on our beautiful board, I am taking this opportunity to introduce a new initiative. A contest of sorts. If you post an anime and/or manga review in /a/ that is comparable to the example one I gave in the "Gunsmith Cats: A Danger/u/ Review" thread, I will flip a coin. If it's tails, nothing will happen. If it's heads, I will send you $5USD in either Bitcoin or Ethereum (whichever has more votes in this thread).

| Your review doesn't have to be quite as long as mine (I know I can get fairly wordy), but I don't want to see you g/u/rls half-assing it! This is a limited time offer, so you'd better get to writing those reviews! I may accept other kinds of anime/manga related articles as well, so even if you don't want to write a review, you may still be eligible for $5USD in crypto. Just double check with me in this thread.

| I will be triple checking your reviews, just to ensure you aren't stealing them from the internet. Oh, and please be nice g/u/rls.

| What to include in your thread:
- A comprehensive and interesting review of an anime and/or manga.
- Your wallet address (in the FIRST post, so that others can't swoop in and take your hard-earned crypto)

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This thread is permanently archived