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Suggest anime to me or die like this board

| Title says it all

| No. 6

| zombieland saga
made in abyss
bunnygirl senpai
yuru yuri

Book of Bantorra
Michiko to Hatchin
Shinsekai Yori
Darker Than Black
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
Golden Boy Kintaro
Vinland Saga
Kino no Tabi

| If you ain't watching Beastars, stop asking for shows and go yiff it up brother.

| No

| >>609452 go away furryfag

| The Promised Neverland

| Pyscho-Pass

And if the phrase constant panty shots of battle maids intriuges you, I would very much like to not be the only person who has seen Najica Blitz Tactics

| Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou is a masterpiece

| The board wouldn't be dead if the mods didn't delete everything lol

| >>609520
Oh fuck yes
i'm usually into more orthodox anime and not really into djing or clubs but this anime does sometjing weirdly cool and compelling that I don't think would work with a generic anime style

| >>609428
Dude are you from 2018 or something?

| >>609573 lmao that's automatic

| Inferno Cop
Uchuu Patrol Luluco
Thank me later

| Let's all love Lain, or die.

| Am I late? My suggestion is Cowboy Bebop tho

| Chuunibyou
Slime isekai
Made in abyss
Log Horizon
Love is war
Mob psycho
Cowboy Bebop is good too

| Go watch JoJo. Best anime

| Ajin, everyone?

| >>609927 only the first season. Second fucked up manga story and feels like complete shit

| City Hunter

| >>609927
Ajin is good. I don't like how many people are hating on it just because of the art style. It's sad.

| I second the beastars one. Also,
Boku no Pico

| >>610048
Bro, low-key, Boku no Pico ain't that bad.

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This thread is permanently archived