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Fall 2019 Anime

| what are you watching this season?

| I can't find anything good besides My Hero Academia. I'll take recommendations

| >>608374
I've been watching Assassin's Pride and Azur Lane. Would not recommend Azur Lane unless you play the game. Assassin's Pride is decent

| I have a terabyte of old shows to catch up to, so.

| Watch Babylon if you want to have an existential crisis

| >>608450 agree

| >>554bb8 idk if you've ever watched houseki no kuni, but it's a really good CG show developed by studio orange

if you liked that, then you'll probably like beastars, which is also made by studio orange this season

| I like the idea/gimmick of Dr. Stone
Other than that, I'm also watching no guns life. Not sure what to think of it, but im intrigued by it

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This thread is permanently archived