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Hanging Out With A Gamer Girl

| It's a nice Slice of Life, not the best but still fun, would recommend reading if bored.
>guy plays as female in a game
>girl plays as male in a game
>they agree to meet with each other
>they get both surprised
>starts hanging out
>just your average slice of life
>guy starts crossdressing because she asked him to

| also, the dude's fucking lucky for having a gamer girl this cute.

| I give it a 0/10 for lack of realism. Gamer girls are a complete myth, however certain people have not realized that fact, and the series preys on their ignorance.

| sorry but the word gamer killed my dick

| >>608247 this isnt the doujin board to have things like handholding

| >>608363
>blushes in gamer

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This thread is permanently archived