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Hilariously drawn crying faces in anime and manga

| Sooo, here's the thing. I've always thought that the way anime show us crying people is often hilarious. Couple years ago I started taking screenshots whenever some character starts to cry weirdly. Don't exactly know why. I created quite a collection and figured out that maybe I should start an instagram account. Sooo, if you like anime and manga and don't like Mondays, here's the link: instagram.com/sadanimemonday. Hope you'll excuse me for such a shameless self-promotion, gurls!

| Too few images, i need more

| >>605398 update every Monday

| I think Aqua (konosuba) would fit perfectly in your collection. Also daily life of highschool boys has some.

| Pls consider updating more frequently.

| Íll keep this account in mind, consider me a part of your cult :3

| >>605409 yeah, got a pic or two of her saved for later

>>605423 thought about it. But I have only few dozens of pics. If I will update more frequently, I will quicly run out of screenshots. And Monday theme is pretty cool in my opinion

>>605426 thank you kindly!

| Ooh that's neat. I love Maka's dad lol. Good times. I don't use instagram much but you got yourself a follow

| >>605436 I'm glad you liked it! Also cool ID

| Aww jeez do you really need an Instagram account just to see more than two pics?

Still, solid work, op

| >>605478 yeah, today's policy of many sites kills me.

| Why dont you also share your Twitter acc op? Sounds like a fun idea btw

| >>605668 yeah, I have Twitter, handle is @mondayanime. But I kinda ditched it since you cant publish description to the photo without publishing a whole another tweet. So you can't use hashtags and publish wishes about good monday without making a mess in your Feed as far as I understand.

| >>605737
What are you talking about? You can tweet pictures with text, no problem.

Hashtags isn't really that big a thing in conversational Twitter, so you can ditch it.

| >>605750 hmm should give it a second try. Twitter is not my thing, so maybe I screwed up somewhere

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This thread is permanently archived