Anime recommendation

| Can any of you guys recommend me a good anime to watch or a manga to read.

I like tear jerking anime
And a depressing manga like oyasumi punpun

| Depressing? Try Serial Experiments Lain or Barefoot Gen.

| (Watch) Samurai Champloo
(Watch) Violet Evergarden
(Read) NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind
(Read) Act-Age

| Alright, i'll give those suggestions a try. Thanks!!

| I guess Evangelion is not so much tear jerking but definitely depressed

| Umm, Anohana? Most sad anime ever

| Already done with anohana. Didnt feel one bit about it

| Orange is a fantastic tear jerker of a manga, i binge read it in a couple nights cause I just couldn't put it down


| Angel Beats

| >>605328
I loved zombieland saga(lots of fun), made in abyss(great aesthetic/ tone), and bunny girld senpai(great story). Defiantly check them out, they were a blast.

| Try out "Kimi no Suizou wa Tabetai"

| I like tear jerking animes too. really recommend Angel Beats, Plastic Memories, Air, We Still Don't Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day,Planetarian

| Shinsekai Yori

| I guess it's way too obvious, but you've watched Makoto Shinkai's films, right? Your Name, The Garden of Words, 5cm Per Second, Weathering With You, Children Who Chase Lost Voices.

Oh, wow, another Act-Age fan!

| Kimetsu No Yaiba

| >>605727 overrated

About tear jerking - many would recommend Clannad

| Thanks for all the recommendation, noting them all right now!!

| YoUr LiE iN aPrIl

| Why not dick jerking anime?

| >>6e769f

Truer words were never spoken.

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