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Ever met someone who acts like it dream loli

| Was it so cute you retched. You know that shit is fake right ? It must suck to be born cute, imagine having people pet your head because you were short and cute.

| Sorry I meant ur dream loli. It keeps autocorrect ing

| i think it would be weird.

but then, it would be nice to be close with someone who is understanding and accepting and nonjudgemental about that part of you, and is happy to indulge in it with you, without making you feel disgusting or creepy and without triggering feelings of self loathing.

so even if its fake and weird, it would be nice for her to want to do that for you.

| yes, a friend of mine acts kind of like a loli when she's around me, she likes to bite me ( softly ), hugs and let me headpat her, but only sometimes :c

| um, i see very short cuties all the time, and they work like regular human beings, so idk what the fuck you're talking about.

| Yeah.. an actual child

| >>605207 https://imgur.com/9eKH0tu

| >>605188 i don't think i can trust anyone who is nice unconditionally w/o ulterior intentions

| >>605189 ^ look above

| >>605203 https://imgur.com/anRdhDW
realistically speaking 80% of short people probably exist in the right most stratum. i wish for the 20% https://i.pinimg.com/originals/47/2d/61/472d614583f7c3c6f0bd052472af4ba2.jpg

| >>605275
cool stats

| I agree with the person a few posts above me- cant trust lolis

| Yes. She was also a huge cunt.

| my ex girlfriend acted like that because she knew i found it cute. And it was, very very cute. i miss her

| >>605188
Having a GF who would not only do that for you but enjoy it too would be a dream come true. Heaven on earth.

| Eh, if they try too hard it gets cringy

| It be like that sometimes

| >>605531

Similar scenario. Things changed and so did values, though.

| Had a friend who really tried hard acting in that """"""cute"""""" way, would randomly inject Japanese words into her speech as well. Sometimes I wish I could smash her head against a concrete wall, before doing the same to myself

| >>607659
smash me daddy

| I love kilos

| >>607741 can't say no if you put it that way. I'll make it painful, don't worry

| Of all the threads to revive and y'all choose this!

| >>607814 haha can't help it. We all know you like children, so don't say anything like that gurl

| >>607659 hmm.. Isn't that just a common weeb

| >>607957 she doesn't even watch anime.

| >>607973
How do you know she's not lying?

| >>608043 because why would she be? She's an honest person, if annoying at times. No reason for me to doubt her, especially since everyone else in our group is or has watched anime in the past

| >>608046 sounds like waifu materiaru. Get your anime hooks into her and drag her down to your level, then get with the mating press.

| >>608219 bruh, her boyfriend is my best friend and I'm a fucking vegetable with 0 sex drive. I barely even masturbate. Also, how the fuck can you find that kinda behavior cute? Try injecting random drivel from other languages into your speech and see how it works.

| >>608223

| >>608235 see? Shit's retarted.

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