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What is your opinion about va11-hall-a anime?

| I think it would be a beautiful anime if it comes to fruition well, I would like to encourage it a studio like silverlink or IG studio only that this time they put better quality and do not stay the animation as in person 5

| Not really the type of story that warrants an anime since most of it is characters just talking in the same place every day. You'd have to add a lot of new scenes or just straight up make a sequel.
It could work for a manga though, I'd be surprised if they didn't get the offer for an adaptation with its popularity in Japan.

| It could work, but the production studio would probably screw it up. Maybe an OVA thats a collection of slice of life short clips from the game.

| I'd like to bring up an interesting idea. If the scene begins with the customer entering, they can begin to explain their story, then it plays out like a flashback with the customer narrating it. Then it can cut back to the bar for individual dialogue. It could work if written properly. It makes me think if Time Taxi or Laughing salesman. Those had different places but I think this idea could work. I don't know if it would be a huge hit, but it could work.

| Mizu no kotoba : ZANE?! best boss BTC bar edition.

| If you'd like an idea of what it could be if it worked, you need go no further than looking up the anime simply called Bartender. That took part in a bar and worked very well in my opinion. S**t! It came out in 2006?! I am old...

| Just watch mob psycho and imagine reigen as dana and mob as jill

| Mob psycho won't work like that, "Bartender" yes.

| >>603824 ur no fun

| It would have to lay off on the bar and instead focus on characters' stories outside of it.

| >>603658 I'm you and you're me.

| Pene

| I'll gladly eat up anything va11halla related. I personally think it would be better as a manga but if done right I would love an anime adaptation


| They could make an anime and manga out of the cyberpunk role-play board on here. If they did it right they could make 15 or 16 different series out of it

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This thread is permanently archived