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I want a gangster anime

| I want an anime that's based on real life shit, with bloods and crips and full out gang wars and shit. I want it to focus on a few characters, and be pretty emotional and sad, even though it has over the top anime gangsters fighting and shit. I'd also like the intro to be pretty classic anime style intro with some 2pac over it.

| There is a manga that does that called, Tokyo Tribes.

| I guess Yakuza is a game and so doesn't count, huh

| You'll have to make it yourself. Most gang-related stories are USA live action television.
Most anime focuses on semi-historical gangsters or Yakuza.
Maybe check out Baccano! ?

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Yakuza is great, but not what I'm looking for.

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I'll check them out. Thanks!

| Heard 91 days is good.

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91 days is old British though, not American ghetto. I think it's a pretty good anime though.

| I don't think this is possible. 1 because i don't think they would be able to identify the interesting storylines within it. 2 they much prefer poc that have white hair are small and sexy. 3 whatever unique stories or aesthetic explored in the 2pac experience can be done within the yakuza, which is culturally closer.

Also its vietnam landmines if they do it poorly pr wise.

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When it comes to the story part, that's bullshit. Japanese writers can make literally everything interesting, and gang shit has a lot of stuff that easily could be used for a good story.

They can make attractive characters in something like this too. It would also be nice to finally see black people that aren't extreme stereotypes in an anime and some Japanese writers probably think the same thing.

It's similar for sure, but they are very different cultures.

| Think Cowboy Bebop style shit, but in the hood and set in recent years, somewhere between 1980-2019. I think that if the right author gets this idea they could easily make something incredible out of it.

| cromartie
>real shit

| Durarara (and it's multiple sequels)

| Jojos bizarre adventure: Vento Áureo

| Go watch gansta or the of God "Gun Grave"!!!!!!!

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