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if ur offended by "weeb" you're a weeb

| if you aren't you're also a weeb

everyone wins

| I play nintendo and watch anime all day and i study japanese in evening school.still not a weeb.hate those pafethic wannabe japanese degenerates.fuck otaku culture

| Lol

| honestly those are my least favorite types of people that are like 'IM NOT A WEEB IN AN OTAKU!!!!'

>*angry weeb noises*

like i just call myself a weeb because the term otaku makes my skin crawl. i know im a weeb and ive accepted it and ascended to a new level of degeneracy

| I am only a Lvl. 4 Otaku.

| Word is fucking retarded ande made even more retarded by all the boomers using it but whatever I'm cool with whatever stupid meme internet spits out these day, cause getting triggered everytime would have killed me a long bloody time ago.

| arent otakus and weebs basically the same thing at this point

| >>603473 Japanese otaku won't get called a weeb.

| >>603473 by definition, a weeb is someone who basically thinks theyre japanese by default because they watch anime, you know the type, the type that says shit like 'omg thats so kawaii, rawr xD'. An otaku is someone who can watch anime but isnt an obnoxious little cunt that blows up every time you criticize they're favorite show. Though i hate the term id be classified as an 'otaku', but saying that makes me sound like a cunt so i just say im a weeb

| >>603479 Yo that's so sad and retarded, but I get you. We'll just say we're weebs and be done with it cause we're not cunts.

| I do like a/m stuff but surely i'm not a weeb. There's many lvl about this i guess

| labels are for ████████

| >>603479
I stopped reading at "by definition". Maybe the word weeaboo used to mean something but nowadays anyone who relate to japanese culture through anime is a weeb period.

Also "otaku" is a death sentence. Imagine unironically using that word unless you're a b r a n d

| >>603701 Yet I'm sure you actually count anyone who relates to japanese culture through anything a weeb yo. Cause Japan is an anime in itself for you peeps.

| >>603721 depends, if they play moe jrpg that counts as anime too but not like jav or j-drama, those are pretty normie imo

| >>603803 Only if they watch it with English subs. Also there's more to moe gaming than jrpgs.

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