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Thoughts on No Guns Life?

| I was gonna post this on /lain/ but that board doesn't seem to have a lot of traffic at the moment. Anyway, anyone watching it or read the manga?

| Alrite, I decided to take a brief look at the manga... This is my first time learning about the series, and wtf?? I am on the 5th page of the seemingly main character looking individual has a gun for a head?!

Anyway, that was my immediate first impression.

| Yup, he's basically a cyborg detective that takes cases related to other cyborgs. He has other weapons on his body but the trigger behind his head can only be pulled by another person. I like it, but there's something lacking in the anime, 2 episodes in, I can't quite put my finger on it.

Also, I saw Unreal Engine in the credits, wtf?? They use that for the CG in anime nowadays??

| Yeah it seems cool, I'll give the manga a try because of the unique start-up of the plot, and I like the writing style of how it introduced how he only trusts a person to pull his trigger.
I am more of a reading guy... so I will most likely not watch the anime. But, the reason why you are bringing this up, is because the anime series just got released, or something?
Unreal Engine though, seems interesting enough to see an episode or two.

| Indeed, the anime is done by MADHOUSE, so I expected better animation, but it's decent.

| Y'all were not reading the manga this whole time till now?

| I don't read that much manga myself

| Read up to chapter 27, since that's what I can find. I really enjoyed the manga. Enjoying the anime as well, though I'm not hearing much about it

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This thread is permanently archived