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(Kinda) Watching Hentai with the bois??

| Not so long ago, one of my Friends open up (accidently) his hentai folder right in front of all of us and we all took a glance at his gallery for a short moment.
Ever happened something similar with yall??

| Tell us about how you jerk each other off

| really invested in the history, aren't ya? silly and naughty anon

| Yes.

| were you wearing socks?

| Fuck

| I think my friends can do more than just see hentai.

A few months ago at a party there was only one bath, as the other bathroom was not available for use, so three of my friends (they weren't drunk) they were arguing about who used the bathroom first. After a long five-second discussion, all three decided to go into the bathroom at the same time and without saying anything, they surrounded the toilet, pulled out their penises and urinated at the same time.

| nice

| like wtf, i watch hentai with my parents

| >>296d71 wtffff everything is ok in your home?

| >>603293
idk, the handholding is embarrassing but the plot usually makes up for it

| I was watching hentai with some of my friends on discord once as if it was nothing at all
We talked about hentai in general and discussed about what hentai is the best one, something like that will never happen again but it was sure a funny discussion

| One of my friends is always asking for good hentai recommendations. I used to give her some, but she has bad taste in hentai and doesn't like tentacles. I worry about her, she keeps asking to watch yuri with me.

| A friend of mine saved a lot of hentai to the camera roll on his iPhone. We had iPads at school for doing, well, school work and stuff. He logged on to the appstore and didn't realize that logging on would automatically sunch his phone and the iPad.

Basically, he had massive amounts of hentai on his school iPad, so it was really funny watching him trying to find a photo he saved for a school project and scrolling past walls of hentai pics.

| *synch

| >>603612
good heavens.
if that is true, the g/u/rl is now based

| >>603659
Yeah, it is true, and he didn't give a fuck. It was really funny. He actually got away with it too. Never got in any trouble for it. The iPads were supposed to be monitored and have censoring and stuff to prevent stuff like porn on there, but my friend obviously had massive amounts of it, and personally I found ways to search for hentai that bypassed the censoring and did it on lot's of other students iPads when they weren't there (since everyone had 1234 as their pin).

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Ah wonderful times, I read.

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