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favorite monster girl?

| id say mine is consistently slimes, though i do like monster girl encyclopedias cursed sword

| I'd say succubi and slimes work the best for me. I also am fond of robot pussy, may like some insect and weird body girls too, especially ones with unusual sex organs. I love tailjobs (when you put it in) a lot too.

| Maybe with such variety of interests I just should go with doppels because they can make themselves everything, I guess?

| Bro, Goblins.

| >>602539 the only good goblin is a dead goblin

| >>602560
No :(
I love goblins!

| >>602564 *angry goblin slaying noises*

| >>602567
No! I'm the Goblin Slayer Slayer! If you try to slay my cute goblins, I will defend them with my life!

| >>602569 bro your ass is gonna die, the goblin slayer took down people bigger than you

| >>602573
I may not be big, but I've got the power of friendship on my side! I will protect my cute little goblin friends forever!

| >>602577
That's what someone who's gonna die in a hilarious way would say

| Goblins are cute and very pervy too!

| MGE has too many good monster girls...
But I love the "March Hare", cute and lewd bunny girls are the best!

| Arachna

| Lamia
I fucking love lamias

| Alice Fateburn is the only monster girl for me but a close one would be the leech girl I saw in monster musume.

| >>602761 i read that as "fatburn" and now you do too

| Not gonna lie, succubuses and harpies

| slime, moths, succubi, zombie girls... etc.

| Slime sounds awesome but living with her will mean 24/7 cleaning because of the mess that she cause. The same goes with harpy, I feel like her feathers will be all over the house.

So yeah, I'd just take the safe ones like succubus and zombie (of course not the type of zombie with melty skin!). Oh probably mermaid too, because she can just stay in the pool.

| Do traps count as monsters?

| >>602853 this one does https://nhentai.net/g/256380/

| Hellhounds

| Arachne. cuz dem andomen.

| You're my favorite g/u/rl OP, monster or not doesn't matter.

| Slimes but not just any slimes, blue or green slimes


I love culebras (snakes)

| Horned girls. Cuz when I fuck them, they come with handles

| Horo Horo Horo Horo

| I always liked the Apophis design. Sinister purple titty snake ftw. Never played the games, I only read the encyclopedia entries

| Harpies and Arachnes are my fav though I love tall muscular minotaurs too~

| >>602512
Scyllas and shoggoths and krakens, oh my~

| Saya from, さやの歌 / Saya No Uta.

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