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Help please

| Cant find any anime i like anymore.please recommend me some shows based on what i like.some i love are:
Ghost in the shell(original movie)
Shin sekai yori
Boogiepop phantom(original)
Serial experiments lain
Welcome to the nhk
Tatami galaxy
Psycho pass(first season)
Perfect blue
Madoka magica
Kill la kill
Dead leaves

| You have that Psychological, Sci-fi taste.
If you can't find anything, just read the manga of your anime(if they have any.)

Based off your list, I would recommend to you Ergo Proxy.

| And Steins;Gate.

| If you like the original movie I'd recommend stand alone complex both seasons are really good.

| The Irregular at Magic Highschool

| Seconding steins;gate, rintaro is my fucking idol.
I personally haven't seen it yet, but Haibane is by the same character designer as Texnolyze and Lain, and it's supposedly really great.
Oh, and maybe try Melancholy of Suzimiya Haruhi? It's not quite like the rest of your list, but it's a fucking classic and maybe you'll like it.

| Gantz?

| Try Rainbow, because it has this manlyhood stuff you see a lot in anime so it's not just 2d Netflix. (because unlike klk) It's a thriller with some dark themes (because you like shinsekai yori)
Also bc it's not on the list: made in Abyss and erased

| Seconding Ergo Proxy.
Recommending Armitage the 3rd, Birdy the Mighty and Cowboy Bebop.

| Ergo proxy and Stein gate both are really good.
Gantz is good too but I personally prefer the manga over anime.

| Kuchuu buranko

| Seconding Made in Abyss. >>167126 has some great taste, and I believe it'd fit yours as well.

| >>600583 Kino no Tabi and Houseki no Kuni
you'll thank me later

| Op here.some good recommendations.thx a lot g/u/rls!saw a few of them already.some i never heard of.so a lot to check out.cant wait to find a new show to get me hooked.

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This thread is permanently archived