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what the

| I was at a convention recently, found a gurl at the stall, the artist was selling merch, some of it was BL. Made eye contact w/ a girl at the stall reading BL, because I wanted to see what she was reading. When she realised, she turned back towards me, clutching manga in her arms she hissed at me, like an actually cat.... What the, do all fujoshis act like this, I'm so confused.

| That's interesting and funny, I wish interesting funny things happened in my life

| A lot of them are weird

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You could have asked if you could read together... I mean, you're trying to know what she's reading, right ?

Also, yes, hissing is the proper way to react when your book is being read above your shoulder.

Also BL will become the norm.

Or not, idk.

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Or maybe you were trying to read the cover, which is fucking twisted, mate...
Ask what they're reading and commit to the BL, embrace your inner rotten parts, confined in the depth of your subconscious, behind heavy locks that you must drag along.
Liberate yourself, and rid yourself of these useless burdens, namely public decency and dishonesty.

>why did i write this ?

| I often communicate with people in the same fashion... Am I weird? (@[email protected]")

| >Made eye contact w/ a girl

You should be thankful that yiu are not beaten to death at the spot, gurl. Don't you know that you can get pregnant if you are making unprotected eye contact?

| Well uhh did you find out what she was reading?

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Very natural reaction. I do this all the time.

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