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I'm in japan, where the frick are legal streaming services at ?

| Yes seriously. I knew I wouldn't be able to stream from crunchyroll.
I'm THIS CLOSE to buying bluray discs and a bluray player... but it's quite the expensive stuff...

| Don't they just air in regular TV there?

... do people still watch regular TV?

| You can just breathe in the divine jap air and consume anime without watching it.

| nico nico, If you can speak the Japan. Otherwise just torrent it, why do you watch it via crunchyroll my bro

| >>599850 yes they do air on TV.
I wakarimasen the 日本語 tho...
It's also a problem if I want to watch a show that is not airing anymore.

>>599862 I have breathed in the somewhat humid as fuck air of last week.

Yknow, if I can do it at least somewhat legally, it's nice.

Thank you very much for the answer, I'll probably go the niconico way and find subs to display over... or no subs for the challenge.

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| I imagine getting anime with english subs in japan is as difficult as one with japanese subs in europe

| >>2199e0 SILENCE... B R A N D

| I think Netflix with the GeoIP of Nippon will give you currently airing animu.

| >>d7e920
Say "Ore wa Ochinchin daisuki" very loud and magical crunchygirl will appear and let you watch your favorite anime.
But remember - your waifu is trash:3

| >>600160
015 best

| >>600160 Maria Otonashi is not trash you son of a bitch

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This thread is permanently archived