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| Any good classics to watch?

| Welcome to nhk is classic

| Evangelion. Trust me, it's the trippiest shit you'll ever watch.

| Serial experiments Lain. Very solid cyberpunk with non standard approach

| >>599665 lol no, though Evangelion is trippy AF it doesn't hold a candle to the likes of "Tatami Galaxy" , "Kuchuu Buranko", "Humanity has declined" and a few others when it comes to levels of tripping

| >>599665
I didn't find the show to be that trippy, but it's definitely one of the best anime I've seen. There's a reason why it's so well known and influential. It's because it's just a great fucking show.

Lain is awesome, but don't expect to understand more than 15-20% of what happens after only one time through.

I highly recommend Cowboy Bebop too, as it's Cowboy Bebop. It's just really good, and also Cowboy Bebop.

| >>599689
Oh YES to tatami galaxy. And yes, eva is overrated. For me anyway, I'm glad someone said it.

| Is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood considered a classic yet? Is there anyone who hasn't watched it?

| >>599711
I haven't, but I think it should be considered a classic.

| Why do everyone keep forgetting Doraemon? It's the classic of the classics. The epitome of classic. The grandfather of the classics.

| How 'classic' are we talking? If it's just age then Dragon Ball would count.

| >>599718
I can't fathom anyone who is willing to go their entire life without watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Please watch it!

Oho, now there's a classic! Seems it's not that famous in the US or Europe, though? Here in SEA, though, we love Doraemon.


| Actually, JoJo is classic. First chapters of manga were published in 80's or something

| >>599898
Well I can't argue with that, but the anime is from... i don't know, 2013?

| >>599900 I thought op's asking for classics because of the story and the atmosphere, not because of the shitty image quality

| is there anyone from Russia

| >>600226 нет

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