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Favorite mech design in anime o manga

| Mine is Ingram from Patlabor
How about yours?

| Meowth Mech from Pokemon.

| Main ship from Macross. That design is bombing, I even had a figure of him and am a fan of the show

| Nirvash from Eureka 7, it's a robot on a surfboard

| Wing gundam from endless waltz, those damn wing and the falling feather is just too good, it strike my heart the first time i saw it in 2005 when i was a kid and i just cant forget it

| Eva from evangelion I guess
I don't watch much MeChA anime but i watched min. 6

| Does Yamato from Uchuu Senkan Yamato count?

| Obligatory Gurren Lagann.

| Tsugumori from sidonia no kishi

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This thread is permanently archived