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are there many anime with consistent 2nd season

| I just watched 2 seasons of mob psycho back to back and I thought it was cool that not only it was made by the same studio, but also that it maintained the same style and quality throughout.

or maybe I'm just bummed out by one punch man and selectively filter out my memory or something.

| Eh, I think mob pscho had too much characters on the 2nd season. Yes, some moments with the body improvements are awesome, but ritsu and reigen kinda got sidelined because they needed to bring every. single. characters. to the action

2 seasons of 3 gatsu no lion were made by the same studio and both are pretty consistent IMO

| Gintama, all seasons are pretty consistent IMO

| Oldish but the Ghost in the Shell show is great and i think the second season is better than the first.

Agreed on sangatsu

| K-on
Black Lagoon
KnK movies

| >>598692
Huh I didn't notice that at all, which is good, because now I have more excuse to rewatch the entire thing.

| Also, I guess I'm more focused on art style and animation quality.

Like, another inconsistent example would be Oregairu where the art style change for the 2nd season shifted the tone considerably in my opinion.

| I know Psycho Pass 2 has a consistent 2nd season, because it's a re-work of Psycho Pass 1, and it has less episodes to watch than season 1.

| >>598763 hm... if artstyle and animation consistency then, maybe other shaft works like sayonara zetsubou sensei. Fate/Zero and Fate Unlimited Blade Works by ufotable also has consistent art; admitedly, zero is more seinen while UBW is shounen.

Never watched oregairu, but one look from the mal thumbnails on 2 seasons, I get what you are trying to say.

>>598777 Psychopass 1 & 2 looks identical, but has different director; hence 2nd one kinda fucked up some of the world's logic.

| I mean if we're talking about art/animation style consistency, isn't Mob Psycho 100 a bad example? I feel like the style of s2 is noticeably different from s1. Not better or worse, and it feels deliberate, but different.

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