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Favorite JoJo ___

| I wanna hear some Favorites in JoJo, Favorite Part, Stand, JoBro, Villain, etc

| Favorite Part - 2
Favorite Stand - Tusk
Favorite Jojo - Joseph and Josuke(can't pick one)
Favorite villain - Ringo Roadagain
Favorite MILF hunter - Kakyoin (honorable mention to Okuyasu)

| I should probably post mine too so,

Favorite Part - 4
Favorite Stand - Echoes(All acts, can't pick one)
Favorite JoJo - Joseph
Favorite Villain - D'arby Elder
Favorite JoBro - Ermes Costello

| Green baby is my favorite jojo

| Favorite part- 4
Favorite stand- Crazy Diamond
Favorite JoJo- Joseph
Favorite villain- Doppio
Favorite JoBro- Tied between Bucciarati and Caesar

| Favorite Part - 5
Favorite Stand - King Crimson
Favorite JoJo - Jonathan
Favorite Villain - Kira
Favorite opening - Traitor's Requiem*
Favorite ending - Modern Crusaders

Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town is actually my favorite OP in terms of music but what they did with Traitor's Requiem, especially with the fan service bit, is just so amazing.
It also sounds pretty good.

| Actually, now that I think about it, favorite ending is Great Days Units Ver.

You just can't beat all the singers of the previous openings all singing together for one song.

| Favorite Parts - 2, 4, 7 in that order
Favorite Stand - ??? The Hand maybe if Okuyasu didn't suck. Stone Free was pretty creative too imo
Favorite Jojo - Old Joseph, 2nd favorite: Young Joseph
Favorite villain - Kira Yoshikage
Favorite JoBro - Gyro Zeppeli but the internet wants me to like Bucciarati and that's fine by me

| Favorite Part - 4
Favorite Stand - Crazy Diamond
Favorite Jojo - Torn between joseph and josuke
Favorite villain - Yoshikage Kira
Favorite JoBro - Okuyasu

| Favorite part - 2
Favorite stand - KILLA QUIN
Favorite jojo - Jotaro
Favorite villain - Kira
Favorite op - great days
Favorite end - last train home
Favorite jobro - Gyro(from p. 7)

| Fav Part 2
Fav stand Tysk
Fav jojo Joseph
Fav villain Funny Valentine
Fav op Traitors Requiem
Fav jobro FF

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