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guys i feel lonely agaiiin

| someone do something idk what i can do to make me feel less lonely

| Be with a person

| Watch a horror movie

| Watch Shiki

| I'm always lonely. Feel less lonely feeling how lonely I am.

| Commit tic-tac-toe.

| Get friends and hang out with them. It's a lot easier than you'd think, and it's 100% worth it.

| I'm not watching Friends again. Don't you DARE suggest Big Bang Theory either.

| >>597723
Watch Wings, Cheers and Fraiser instead.
It's all one big shared universe.

| watch Machikado Mazoku, thatll cheer you up

| Watch welcome to NHK

| Watch Gintama, thank me later. Nah rather thank the series

| >>597883 thank Sorachi

| Rob a bank. Friends will come to you if you're rich, or in jail.

| >>597887 In addition, friends will cum to you when you have sex with them.

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This thread is permanently archived