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Best Girl? Monster Musume

| Me and my friend were discussing about who is the best girl in Monster Musume. Opinions? Mine is Papi and my friend is Miia

| Suu is my choice, it's a quite the variety from just one girl

| Doppel...

| Snake lady

| Suu, hands down.

| Why not Papi?

| For me it's Miia, the lamia.

| Aracne all the way! Come on guys her legs can come out of the spider body! If not her maybe the leech girl or one of the other blood sucking mons.

| E.O. Speedwagon

| Suu is best girl cause she can shrink and grow
Not only that but her suction is probably insane

| Centipede gurl

| Polt #1 Her healthy lifestyle would be good for me~~~♡

| Miia!

| Slime
I don't evwn watch this anime I just have a thing for slime girls

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This thread is permanently archived