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I lost two friendships in one day.

| They meant everything to me. I loved one, and felt a close bond with the other. Everything went to shit after I let my PPD run wild... I unfriended one of them out of fear I might be a nuisance or an annoyance to them, and caused instead an issue that made them think I didn't care about them at all. I pestered both of them a lot, with explanations... everything. Both have blocked me. One because I hurt their friend, and the other because I annoyed them to no avail. What do I do..?

| How do I get them back? Someone told me I should wait a few months before approaching them again... but, I'm not so sure I can fix this. They both know I have mental issues. I'm supposed to go to therapy sometime around next year. So, I am seeking help for my intense paranoia and distrust.

| Give it about a week or so and then try to reach out again. Tell them you're sorry and it'll probably blow over

| -Learn from the mistake you made.
-Seek professional help with your mental issue if possible.
-Find the right time to express your apologies, buy each of them a small gift, and explain your situation to them. Then ask them to be your friends again.

If they declined, don't be too sad about all these, move on and make new friends.

Next time when talking to friends, remember never let your mouth and emotion runs too wild. Self control is very important in socializing.

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This thread is permanently archived