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Sword Art Online: Alternative

| So I'm on episode 6 and it's like this anime is already going to shit as i progress
"oh no if we dont get the victory royale then i must kill myself cuz my crush told me to!!!!!!!"

| I watched the first SAO and that's about all I can stomach

| I liked it better than normal SAO
And Pitohui chick is completely psychopathic to levels that make her the lamest character and the one thing that makes the story so bad

| For the most part its actually better than the original. The suicide thing was obviously a stupidly bad attempt to up the scales to real life consequences. This series would probably be better if it didnt try to be like SAO.

| Watch the abridged version
Its 100 tines better than the original and i guarantee that you will enjoy watching it more than the original

| Log Horizon and Grimgar

| The opening is a bop and it wasn't terrible all things considered, that's about it

| Hey, did you g/u/rls know that SAO alternative was written by the author of Kino no Tabi?

Makes me wonder how did it turn out so meh.

| I agree, the spin off as a whole was very mediocre. Not bad per say, but just medicore.

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This thread is permanently archived