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is the "I love sex." g/u/y a vital part of this community?


| I love sex.



| Without him, there is no life

| Absolutely necessary.

| >>588852
yes yes we know

| Yes, he's been around for a while and I can't imagine dangeru without him anymore.

| Where's Chad when we need him?

| >>589116
Brad would help too

| >>536328 do you though, do you know HOW much he loves sex?

| No. Tell him that he stinks and is ugly and also annoying and bad and that he should feel bad.

| I love sex

| I love sex. We are one, we are many

| >>589286 Not at all. He hates it. His girlfriend wanted sex with him and he kept declining, he was disgusted by the thought. Eventually she got mad and fucked him up so bad he recieved severe brain damage. Since that "I love sex" became the only thing he ever speaks.

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This thread is permanently archived