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MyAnimeList thread

| do you g/u/rls have MAL? post your profile and compare shit / add everyone

| here's mine: https://myanimelist.net/profile/RedChase

| I do, but kinda embarassed by how few anime I've watched tbh

| >>588069
don't be shy friend go ahead and post it

| I'm a g/u/y tho but yes I do and here is my mal ( ´ ω ` ) https://myanimelist.net/profile/weealoo

| >>588096
hell yeah I added you

| I have a list but don't rate shit does it count

| Last I heard their security was crap and that access to all account information was stolen. Decided against making a MAL after that.

| >>588103
"account information"
>watches ecchi

| >>588100
dubs. Don't like rating shit?

| Here's mine

| I do.
Was kicked in the balls mercilessly and repeatedly the last time I decided to share it, won't ever share again.

| Also wtf why are all of you above so young.

| Don't dox me pls:

| https://myanimelist.net/profile/plexure

no dox pls

| >>588226 that's a mood but I'm fucking twenty how does this work

| >>588226
I Just turned 18 a few months ago idk i feel kinda old honestly but I guess that is pretty young compared to some dudes on here that are basically boomers in their late 20s-30

| >>588340 wait aren't 30yos millenials now?

| >>588106 rating something opinionated and relative on an absolute scale feels weird and wrong unless you give or take points directly for sertain parts of production/presentation/plot so I don't bother

| >>588204 >>588264 >>588301
I add you all

| >>588096
>implying there are boys on the internet
I exclusively use MAL as a database/way to keep track of my watchlist
I favorite stuff but rating feels wrong to me for some reason
Numbers are a weird way to judge how good a piece of art is

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This thread is permanently archived