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Special breathing techniques in anime

| With the releases of animes like Jojo and Kimetsu no Yaiba I believe that special breathing techniques are the most convenient way for writers to give a character that otherwise would be a regular melee npc character special abilities to stand among the rest of characters with crazy ass supernatural abilities. Change my mind.

| Fighting ghosts > breathing technique

| Is breathing technique a Japanese thing? Is there any reason why they don't say it's a special Skill or Superpower or so?

| I think the use of the special breathing thing is a great idea but definitely dependent on the setting. It wouldn't really fit in a futuristic environment unless it used some sort of tech to do so

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| How about the special breathing technique of not breathing until you die?

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You are all now manually blinking and breathing your welcome! ( ˙꒳​˙ )

| >>588343 there is a game about that. Manual Samuel.

Nobody does kickflips as sick as the ones the grim reaper does.

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Honestly Kimetsu no Yaiba kinda annoys me in how "Special Breathing Technique" can just be whatever the plot needs at the moment.

I'm not too annoyed bc that show is def style above substance and I'm okay with that, but still.

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This thread is permanently archived