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Best DnD stories, greentext format. Go


| ???

| Ive been healing my teammates with Belle Delphines Gamer Girl Bath Water. There is a chance of getting AIDS

| >>588092 let me guess. 100% chance?

| > counter monkey

| > be a healer
> lesser member of the party
> always receives less rewards and has the shittiest equipment
> get mad when party members decide to make out
> heal bad guy
> only you die...

| >>588510 wait aren't healers the tops of the party??

| >finds locked chest
>unable to pick lock with a thief's abilities
>unable to blast ice magic at lock
>starts engaging skills like persuasion and religion on box
>becomes a persuaded, Christian box, but does not open
>someone kicks the box and it opens
>inside is fabrics, which someone styles into a cape

I can't tell if it was worth it

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This thread is permanently archived