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So who's actually still going to watch RWBY?


| Me! Started watching recently just because of BB crosstag battle and I loved it

| i heard rooster teeth is going to fuck lately

| I watched one episode like 3 years ago and I think I didn't like the animation and maybe the voice acting but I don't remember is it any better now?

| I'm going to watch it, but I don't really expect to enjoy it as much as I used to. To me its just not fun anymore, and when it tries to be it comes of as too forced.

| >>587678 The animation actually gets much better with each season. I would say it goes from good for indie to actually good at either season 3 or 4. I wouldn't recommend skipping the 1st two seasons though, the continuity is pretty important.

| I do. Show is still pretty awesome. Watched from second season.

| My sis watches it, and I occasionally get bits and pieces of the story as I catch glimpses/she fangirls about it. Way better way to enjoy it imo.

Oh but the last season was pretty good, so maybe I'll watch the new one.

| #IStandWithVic

| I will

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This thread is permanently archived